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Celebrate Christmas in July!

Waiting another six months is absolutely painful for some people, so why not break out the decorations now and beat that summer heat with a cool Christmas in July celebration. It’s not only a fun way to bring together family and friends in a unique, fun way that is sure to become a summer tradition, but an ideal way to test run some of your decorating ideas for the forthcoming season. Remember, you can never plan early enough!



Put your big foot down and get one of these for your tree Bigfoot Ornament, $13.95 for your July (or December) Christmas Tree.



Nothing yodels Christmas more than a Lederhosen Unicorn Ornament, $13.95. Your friends won’t help but to be impressed and will want one of their very own.  In fact, it may be the perfect holiday gift, whether in July or December.



Bring all those myths together in one single trinket that combines the best  both Christian and Pagen celebrations with the Santaur Ornament, $13.95


Holiday Cards


Check out this artistic nod to Christmas, the Peagreen Greeting Card – Foxy Mountain, $22.95.  The colors are practically fireworks-inspired, perfect for those July (Christmas) holiday greetings.



Here’s a little celebration in an envelope you can send along to anyone this summer for some Christmas cheer. The Festive Holiday Tree Card, $19.00, is ideal for dorm rooms or New York apartments, too, summer or winter.



Send the magic of a winter’s night to family and friends with the Moonlight Tree Pop Up Greeting Card Set, $22.00. Just looking at it is almost as good as air conditioning.  Almost.


Christmas Decor


christmas decor string lights

Let those holiday lights brighten up the Christmas Tree with Copper Wire String Lights $9.95. They will twist and bend as you wish, so just imagine bringing the festiveness of lights to those long summer nights.




Christmas is in the air with these holiday scented ScentSicles, $8.95. These all natural wax sticks can be used in the home, bath, car, office come with hooks to hang as ornaments.


Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas in July or just wish you could, this 52 Week Countdown to Xmas Calendar, $23.95, will keep you on track for the big day, regardless!

Goodies for Eating



Gingerbread is the perfect holiday treat, so kick it up a notch in celebrating the season this summer with Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters, $10.00.  These tasty guys will help you to defend your right to celebrate Christmas in July (or at least sate any naysayers).


Subtle, but effective, the Knitted Mug, $10.95, even if you want to sneak a bit of Christmas in when nobody is looking, this will do the cozy, comforting trick. Fill these mugs with some Iced Hot Chocolate and add some peppermint for an even more refreshing twist.


Well, it IS summer, and even Santa will want to keep his figure bathing suit ready, so the Veggie Shapers – Christmas Tree, $1.95, can solve all those caloric challenges while retaining a festive motif. Who knew you could have your holiday and girlish figure, too?


half christmas workaholics

If you’ll be celebrating Christmas In July (or Half-Christmas) sit on our lap and tell us all about it.

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