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Nautical Gifts For Good Tidings

If you know someone who loves all things nautical, you can only give them so many anchors and sailor caps before, like the tide, your creativity begins to ebb. But not to worry, even a landlubber can find something novel for this year’s gift.  Whether something meant for land or sea, here are some solutions even Captain Ahab would be proud to own.

Belly Up to the Bar, Boys

Suck UK Pirate

Arrrguably one of the cutest bottle openers, ever, the Pirate Bottle Opener, $14.95, will be treasured, for sure.

Sea Life Bottle Opener

If the recipient has dreams of bagging a giant squid, make it come true, more or less, with the Friendly Bite Sea Life Opener, $11.95.


Nautical Glass Markers

Anchor these nautical glass markers on your wine glass at your next party so you never drink out of the wrong glass again!


Something for the Galley

Steam Ship Silicone Steamer Lid

Let them be ship-shape in the kitchen even as they let off some steam with the Steam Ship Steamer Lid, $10.95.


Sea Life Dessert Plate

Give them a touch of the sea with the Sealife Dessert Plate Set, $36.00. You can almost taste the salt.

Tuff Dish gloves

Swabbing the decks will be a breeze with these lovely Tuff Dish Gloves &Sponge, $9.95, a thoughtful way to tell someone you care about the softness of their hands.

High Tea (& Coffee)

Deep Tea Diver

How cute is this Deep Tea Diver? It’s almost like being there, sort of. If they like to get in hot water.

moby whale tea infuser

This cute Moby Tea Infuser is ready to spout your favorite hot beverage!


If they prefer coffee, or even not, after wrangling this Octopus Mug, $19.95, you may have to stop them from screaming “Release the kraken.”


Here’s the sweetest gift ever for that old salt,  Tough Cookie Cookie Cutters, $9.95.


Bringing the Sea Home


Ahoy! Let them be reminded of the ocean every minute of the day with the 3D Whale Clock, $26.95.


Let them put a ship to good use with the Goin’ Under Titanic Doorstop, $8.95, no violins needed.

submarine money in hand

If they are still saving up for that dreamboat, this Submarine Money Bank, $24.95, may help keep streaming along.


Fancy Water Toys


Get them diving deep to capture all the beauty of the ocean through a Fisheye Submarine Camera, $47.95.  It’s almost like being a slippery eel or fish paparazzi, which kind of is the same thing.


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