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WTF Japan: Hilariously Weird Gadgets from Japan

Japan is notorious for having all things strange, gadgetry, and delightfully oddball, and each and every bit we are compelled to call our very own.  Come along as we explore some of the newest offerings from that magical island across the Pacific waters.

Smell Just Like a Cat’s Forehead

cat club fellisimo

Really.  This sensational product, available from The Cat Club at Felissimo has the following description on the website, “The second product for ‘Cat smell’ series which must be beloved by cat lovers! Fabric water with cat forehead smell is now available. After conducting survey, we got opinions from customers and created this water with the smell of “Freshly baked bread”, which is said to be most similar to the smell of cat’s forehead. Spray the water on your blankets and cushions and enjoy!” And the best part? A portion of all the proceeds goes to the Felissimo Cats Foundation.  That, in itself, is worth the buy.

Stay Cool While Making a Fashion Statement

USB Fanning Tie by Thanko

Now you can be the envy of everyone in the office, not just for your amazing personal style, but because you can remain cool even under the hottest pressure.  With the Thanko USB Fanning Tie‘s unique internal cooling fan you’ll be able to handle anything the boss can toss your way and perhaps even blow it right back on him.  There is only one word to describe this tie…FANtastic!

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Your Facial Fitness Exerciser!


downloadpao pao face exerciser japan gif

Clearly you need this.  And your face needs this.  Desperately.  Although it may be hard to tell if your facial muscles are firming from the exercise or from the laughter the accompanies your 3 sets of 10 reps.  If the Facial Fitness Pao is good enough for world class footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, then it has to bee good enough for you. Seriously.

Candy That Will Go Right to Your Head

Toilet Candy

This year’s ultimate stocking stuffer will no double be the Moko Moko Mokolet 3 Candy Toilet Kit.  Not only is it a kit from which you can build your own miniature toilet, but once completed you can add included stickers to make crazy faces.  But WAIT! There’s more.  Pour the powder into the tank, add water, then use the straw to drink your candy concoction.  What a treat!  Who couldn’t resist the thought of drinking from the toilet bowl. Now you can know the same joys as your dog.

toilet candy

This Will Quack You Up…Your Dog, Not so Much

Quack Dog muzzle duck shaped bill


What dog and owner wouldn’t be thrilled at all the attention they would receive with the Oppo Dog Muzzle Quack. Conveniently sized for small, medium, and large dogs, you can walk your dog with pride and perhaps get a family of ducks to follow along. Not quite sure you will be popular with your dog, after that, but comedy does have its price.

This Will Surely Tickle You

Bandai Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game

Seems using your finger to work a virtual finger to poke things inside a box is fun.  And it is hugely popular in Japan.  Bandai Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game may just become the focal point of your Saturday night get-togethers.  And as an extra added bonus, it doubles as an alarm clock! What a deal. Poking things with your finger virtually instead of doing it in real life AND conveniently being able to wake up the next day after your exhaustive night of game play. You may find yourself tickled pink with your new toy.





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