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Beat the Summer Heat With These 5 Indoor Activities

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You may love summer, being out of school, on vacation, more time to hang out with friends and family, or traveling, but with that summer freedom comes an intense amount of heat and the blazing hot weather to contend with. Sometimes it almost makes summer not worth it. When the temperature has got you down, consider these 5 indoor activities that’ll keep you out of that summer sun while still having fun.

Get Artistic

Why go outside and brave that scorching stretch of sunbaked sidewalks when you can stay at home and doodle? Art is a great way to pass the summer heat away and with the 3D Drawing Pad, you’ll get to see your creations practically come to life. Use your imagination and draw, and with a little help from the 3D glasses, you can watch as your artwork pops right off the pages.

Get An Indoor Workout

It may be too hot outside to do your routine of exercise, so why not break out that ping-pong table that has been gathering dust in the garage and get a fun and competitive game going. You won’t have to worry about breaking a sweat, unless the game gets really intense of course, and you will be in the comforts of your home. Forget those old rackets you used and try something new with the Brodmann Blades Paddle Set which comes with handle-free paddles that will fit your hands like gloves.

Practice Card Games


Wooden Deck of Cards, Designed with a wooden fence background and graphics with the appearance of being burned into the cards.

Escape the heat and spend some time with a good, old-fashioned (or new fashioned) deck of playing cards. Whether you like challenging your friends to an exciting game of Poker or choosing a more solitary game like Solitaire, these unique cards will provide you with hours of fun during those summer days. So start shuffling and deal a hand of summer fun.

Transparent Poker Face Cards

Transparent Poker Face Cards

Lace deck of cards

Lace Deck of Cards


Make a Refreshing Chilled Beverage

Nothing will help you feel better in this summer sauna than a nice, cold snowcone. If ice cream just isn’t doing it for you or those smoothies aren’t quenching that overwhelming thirst, than a great cup of flavored shaved ice should do just the trick. The Snowcone Maker is easy to use and will provide you with plenty of ground-up ice shavings in just seconds, so all you’ll have to do is decide which flavor you want to try first.

photo: tikkido

Make Healthy Fruit Snow Cones, thanks to tikkido blog



And Learn How To Make Your Own Snow Cone Syrups, thanks to

Do Some Baking Not Out in the Sun

Break out those baking pans, cake batter, icing, frosting, and whatever else you’ll need to create some yummy treats. Instead of baking out in the sun, do some actual dessert baking right in your kitchen. Better yet, practice those decorating skills thanks to the Cake Creature & Pastry Pen- 3D Cake Baking Set which will have you saying goodbye to traditional cupcakes and hello to 3D creatures that you can completely customize and design however you like.

View how to make your own Cake Creatures thanks to yuppiechef!





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