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Convenient Travel and Lunch Containers

Eco-friendly has nothing on these. Transport your meals to and from wherever with unique conveyances.  Whether eating at work or traveling and not wanting to pay exorbitant amounts for airplane food, this is one way to assure you can always have a good meal.


Look no longer for the perfect salad bowl.  Easily transport your salad and dressing from home, complete with nifty spork, then collapse the whole things when done. Eco Deluxe Salad Bowl, $11.95. If you want more compartments (or don’t like your tuna touching your crackers), try the Eco Collapsible Eco Meal Kit (2  or 3 Compartment Kit), $11.95



Show up with the classiest of lunch boxes with the Bento Box Single with Fork, $20.95. Or double your class with the Bento Box Double with Fork, $22.95.  Either way, you can be equally classy and sassy and environmentally friendly.


It’s almost like you’re eating art with the Appetit Lunch Box, $19.95. Be the talk of the town, or at least the lunch room, when you show up with this little gem.


When it’s time for a potluck at the office, dress your salad to impress with the Chill Salad Bowl set, $29.95. If they were envious of your bento box, just imagine when they get a good look at your bowl. And bring along the Thirzt2Go Collapsible Beverage  Dispenser, $19.95, for up to 2 gallons of drink with no fuss or muss and that squeezes way down to almost nothing when all is said and done. Or eaten.


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