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Cool Off This Summer With Cold Brewed Teas

Nothing can be more refreshing than a nice ice tea on a warm summer’s day.  Why not take things up a notch by adding a wallop of flavor by cold brewing something new to wet your whistle? Cold brew tea has the same health benefits as hot tea, but is usually made over a six to 12 hour time period in  jar that is holds somewhere between four and eight cups.  But, if you are in a hurry, and who isn’t these days, you can always do a quick steeped tea, then pour over ice cubes in a nice tall glass and…ahhhhhhh. You’ll feel just like that Lipton commercial where people fell in the pool.

Check out some of these great cold brew tea recipes, tips, and fun infusers (just in case you can’t wait) for that long, cool sip you’ve been dreaming off all day long.


The ALMIGHTea Tea Bag is  made of silicon and reusable making it the perfect way to make cold brew tea at home. Just add your tea leaves of choice for just the right blend. $7.95.

Loose Leaf


Many people will recommend the use of loose leaf tea in making your cold brews. Here is a basic recipe to get you started:

  • Use one tablespoon of tea leaves for ever two cups of tea (16 ounces)
  • Rinse quickly to make sure they are free from dust and grime
  • Put tea into jar or container then fill with cold water
  • Cover with a lid or cap and refrigerate for six to eight hours
  • Strain out the leaves when ready (don’t leave them in as it will make the tea become bitter)
  • Enjoy

See the variations below for some novel cold brew tea ideas.


No need to go to great depths to get the perfect tea you’re seeking.  Add loose leaves to this little guy, steep, and pour over ice.  Deep Tea Diver, $11.95.

Cold Brew Tea Recipes


You can make fabulous cold brewed tea using simple white, green, oolong, or black tea or ramp it up by adding different fresh fruits or herbs to give it an extra kick.  Here are some fun recipes you can try at home in preparation for the lazy afternoon hanging out on the front porch and watching the world go by.

Many companies, such as Hackberry Tea, Mighty Leaf, and Tea Guys offer unique blends in addition to traditional varieties which will make for delicious cold brewed teas, as well.


Nothing sweeter than a Kit-Tea Infuser, $7.95, unless it is the delicious sweet tea it makes!

Quick Hot to Cold Brewed Tea Secret


So what happens when that day arrives when you open the refrigerator and are surprised to find that the cold brewed tea container is (gadzooks) empty! Fear not, because there is a way to have your cold brewed tea WITHOUT (say that again) WITHOUT it becoming diluted through the use of ice cubes.  True, you will have to use ice cubes to cool it down, BUT if you make TEA ICE CUBES, you can instantly have your favorite beverage without losing any of the flavor.

  • And, you can go one step further.  Consider the following:
  • Make ice cubes from juice to instantly add a new flavor to your tea
  • Freeze herbs, like mint, in the tea cubes
  • Try adding some spices, cinnamon, for example, to your tea before freezing into cubes
  • Florals can add a nice kick when frozen, too

Now you can always be at the ready for cold brewed tea, any time.


Slow things down, even when someone has finished the last of the cold brewed tea in the fridge with this adorable Sloth Tea Infuser, $9.95.  Let him steep happily, then pour over your ice tea ice cubes and chillax.

Tea Bags


With tea bags already being portioned, you can be pretty sure your ratio of water to tea will be good.  Typically, one tea bag, steeped in four cups of water over night will do the trick nicely.  Bigelow, Twinings, Lipton, and Celestial Seasonings, among others, have wonderful assortments of teas you can try with cold brewing.


You can also create your own tea bags, which will allow you to create your own flavors.  The advantage to a tea bag is you don’t have to steep the tea to remove the leaves.  And you can easily use the recipes above, too!


Did you know that used tea bags can have a life after steeping? You can open used tea bags and spread the leaves around plants as fertilizer (they can be a deterrent to mice, too).  To deodorize carpets and rugs, save used tea bags in the refrigerator and, when you have enough, open the bags and let them air dry until just damp, sprinkle on the area, and let them totally dry, then vacuum up. You can even use them to remove bad breath, condition your hair, or sooth your skin.  Learn more ways to reuse your tea bags at Natural Living Ideas.


There’s no way any day will seem blue when you have a little yellow Duckie Floating Tea Infuser there to brighten things up, $10.95

One comment on “Cool Off This Summer With Cold Brewed Teas

  1. pinkiebag
    June 26, 2016

    Hi, thanks for sharing the ideas for iced tea. I love the duck infuser, Chloe.


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