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Virtual Reality for Beginners: The Best VR Kits and Apps

The most recent E3 gaming convention just deemed Virtual Reality the future of gaming. With new Virtual Reality games and apps launching every day, more and more people are looking to try the VR experience. Trying to find both equipment and games that can fit a limited budget can be difficult. But, with a little snooping, we have uncovered some VR kits, games and apps that won’t break the piggy bank completely.



Freefly VR works with your mobile phone.  It remains comfortable even during intense, prolonged game play.  With it’s wireless, 120 degree view, and affordable pricing, around $80, this headset is a great choice.

VR starwars game

The Star Wars app is the only official product available for Amazon Kindle, Android, or iPhone with tons of great features, including Google Cardboard VR, to take you to that galaxy far, far away


For about $99.00, the Samsung VR Gear is getting great reviews across the board.  It uses a Samsung smartphone as the main source, which is the only real drawback, but it is sure to pack a does of reality into your game play.


If you have the VR Gear headset, then you are set to cruise, play, and watch in style, as Samsung has all kinds of exclusive VR apps, and many are free.  Check out the Hunger Games or The Martian for out of this world action.



You simply can’t go wrong with a Google Cardboard.  For less than $20.00 (and in some cases, much less than that), you can try your hand at the whole VR game. Compatible with iPhones or Androids, and with lots of free games & 3D videos available in your app store, this is a great way to check the experience without breaking the bank.


Check out Titans of Space, one of the great apps available, many for free, on Google Play.


The Zeiss VR One may be pushing the budgetary envelope at $130.00 or so, but it continues to get great reviews, working with iOS or Android handsets between 4.7 and 5.2 inches.  It also had a media player for use with site like YouTube.


It’s the amazing VR One Cinema that has everyone talking, among the other great apps featured on the VR One tumblr page, available for free on iTunes or Google Play.

Are you ready for the new world of virtual reality? Let us know your thoughts below.

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