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Splurge and Indulge on Yourself With These Gifts

You spend so much time on the daily stresses of life, whether it is working, school, or caring for your friends and family. It can become quite exhausting at times and as a result, you forget to think about yourself and what you can do for you. June 18th was National Splurge Day, and this day is to remind you to treat yourself to something special, so in honor of this day of indulgence, spend a little extra on yourself…you’ve earned it.

Wobble Chess Set

I know what you are thinking. Why would you want to splurge on a chess set on this day? But this is no ordinary chess set. This classic game has been given an exciting upgrade in the form of the Wobble Chess Set where the pieces you knew as being solid and stagnant, now move thanks to their spherical bases atop the concave board which allows them to teeter back and forth for an extra interactive experience. Enjoy chess like never before now with this unique and innovative set.


SecuVox Lenzburg Night Vision HD Camcorder Watch 

Become the super spy you always dreamed of thanks to the SecuVox Lenzburg Night Vision HD Camcorder Watch. This watch is incredibly stylish and sharp looking as an accessory for your wrist, but it also hides a special secret: a hidden mini camcorder tucked safely behind the waterproof design case. You can record both color video and audio for an hour and a half and watch it back afterwards with the USB cable connection.  Now that’s a cool way to splurge today.

Postino Mailbox

What better shows you splurged today than upgrading your mailbox of all things? The Postino Mailbox will be the coolest on the block with its shiny exterior made from brushed stainless steel, and an extra deep interior perfect for all those letters and magazine subscriptions you have. Surprise your mailman when he comes to deliver your mail tomorrow with this sleek and stylish new addition to your home.


Aquitaine Sundials Pendant 

If you’re a fan of jewelry and vintage time pieces, then you’ve found the right combination in the Aquitaine Sundials Pendant. This historical keeper of time has found a new home as your necklace. Using the ancient art of the sundial, this necklace will tell you the correct hour any time of the day by simply turning the band to the current month and allowing the sunlight to illuminate the right number, signaling what time it is.


Carepeutic Deluxe Heated Neck and Shoulder Massager


You can’t let this day go by without getting in a little relaxation of your own. After you’re done purchasing all the rest of the stuff you’ve decided to indulge in today, it is time to sit back and rest and let the Carepeutic Deluxe Heated Neck and Shoulder Massager do the trick. This device utilizes carbon fiber heated therapy along with sixteen massage modes to really relieve that soreness, tightness and overall pain you’re feeling in both your neck and shoulders. What a great way to close out National Splurge Day.

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