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Creative USB Devices and Gadgets

Who doesn’t need something really wicked cook for their desk?  We spend enough time behind them, so it seems only fitting that we have some fun with our space.  Spruce up your thinking space with these creative USB gadgets and get ready to have the best desk in the cubicle farm.

Light That is Out of This World


Astronaut USB Light will be sure to lift your spirits, $20.00

Be in control of your own space program with this fantastic little Astronaut USB Light. The flexible USB cord lets you get him floating and focused right where you need that extra bit of light. Taking your first space walk has never been easier or more practical.

When You’re Hot You’re Hot…


Who doesn’t want a little breeze now and again?  Get it with the USB Retro Fan, $8.95. Your armpits will thank you

…and that usually means you are sweaty and uncomfortable. Change your world and your outlook with the addition of the USB Retro Fan to your USB arsenal.  So adorable, everyone will come by to visit just to say “awwwwww.”

Not That  This Does Anything, But it Will Freak Everyone Out


Enjoy a little fun at the office with this USB Squirming Tentacle, $14.99

Not sure there is even anyway to explain this.  It is just plain weird.  But, if you have ever looked for something odd to stick into a USB port, well, here you go.  The USB Squirming Tentacle.  Surprise your boss with one.  In his or her computer.  When they aren’t looking.

Take Your Ports to New Heights

No need to worry about the control tower when you’ve got four ports ready for immediate take off with the Airplane 4-Port USB w/Fan ready to be engaged.  If you are an aviation-lover then this plane, complete with working propeller, is your ticket to fly.  Now, where is that attendant?

So, You Always Wanted Your Own Robot


This little guy is ready to follow your lead! Robot 2.0 USB Hub, $11.95

Impress all your office colleagues and friends with your own personal Robot 2.0 USB Hub. He’s primed and ready for all the action and accessibility you need for all your other gadgets.  Gadzooks! It’s almost like Lost In Space.  Okay, not really.  Close, though. Sort of, kind of.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cable


Pretty, pretty 5 In 1 Rainbow USB, always makes the day brighter,$12.95

Into every life a little rain must fall, but if you are prepared, then you are ready for anything including the need for more ways to hook stuff up on your desk and this is simply the happiest way to do it, ever.  The 5 In 1 Rainbow USB is the sure way to keep smiling and never having to worry about anything ever again.  At least when it comes to charging stuff at your desk, anyway.


Nothing Smells Quite Like Aromatherapy


For those little moments at work when you can’t slip into your bath bomb or dash out to see a therapist, the Aromafier is the perfect answer. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the reusable pad and let the scents whisk away your worries. This aroma diffuser doesn’t need water so you can use it at home, the office or in your car without having to worry about spills and cleaning. Don’t you feel better already?

Sparoom Aromafier

sparoom aromafier

For The Eco-Wino

USB Bottle Light

Turn an empty bottle into a unique and beautiful lamp with the USB bottle light. Place this rechargeable LED cork atop any bottle to create an instant bottle lamp and show off your upcycling skills!

USB Bottle light

USB bottle light

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