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5 Unique Drinkware Sets For Your Kitchen

Add a new drinkware set to your home this summer with these five selections. If you think about it, drinkware sets can serve dual purposes. For one thing, they have the practical function of being used to drink from of course, but on the other hand, they’re also great items to display in your kitchen or dining room as a complete set. Let these beautiful drinkware sets serve as decorative additions to your home’s collection of cups, glasses, mugs, and more!

Diamond Glasses

Thumbs Up Diamond Whisky Glasses $22.95

Blue Splatter Sake Set


Blue Splatter Sake Set


Bring a piece of Japanese culture into your home with the Blue Splatter Sake Set. Serve your favorite Japanese drinks in the Sake bottle and toast to this lovely piece of drinkware with the two matching cups. The subtle but artistic splatter pattern almost looks like trails of water running through this ceramic set, so have yourself a Sake party and enjoy!

Yedi Espresso Cup & Saucer Set

Yedi Espresso Cup and Saucer Set

Just imagine it; you wake up feeling super tired and need just an extra shot of caffeine to really start your day off right. You head into your kitchen and behold the delicate and colorful Espresso Set. Take a sip from one of these cups and enjoy the delicious tastes of espresso in the morning or any time of day.

Bartending Glasses Set

Bartending Glasses (Set of 4) |

Looking to throw a cocktail party but just don’t know how to actually make the alcoholic drinks your friends will want? With the Bartending Glasses Set, you’ll get not only four cups to serve your drinks in, but the instructions written right on each individual glass. Choose from Mojito, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Fix, or Salty Dog, and just pour in the amount to match the measurement lines, and within seconds you’ll be your very own bartender.

Polka Dot Coffee and Tea Set

Yedi Polka Dot Coffee and Tea Set

Would you like some polka dots with your tea? Add this delightful Polka Dot Coffee/Tea Set to your drinkware collection and bring the gift of charm and style to your home. Whether you are a solo tea drinker or wish to throw a tea party, this set will provide you with the essentials you need. Serve your favorites from the adorable tea pot, and with the matching creamer and sugar bowl, you’ll never be without the added flavors you want.

Numbers Mug Set

SUCK UK number mugs

Start counting your mugs because with the Numbers Mug Set, you’ll never forget how many you own. This collection of ceramic mugs come in six different colors with a number designed on it. There’s enough for you and five other people, so everyone will have their own and hopefully never confuse which mug belongs to whom again.

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