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Easy DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it is the perfect time to start getting crafty and clever and create a gift that will long be cherished and remembered. No matter whether you are big or small, call him “Dad,” “Daddy,” “Papa,” “Pops,” or “The Old Man,” related by blood, good fortune, or for some other reason, he means the world to you.

Some things can be handmade. Some things can be gathered together. some things can be organized. But, no matter what, everything will be done with love.

Things that are (kind of) Cards


Follow the simple instructions to create a Magnetic Board that you can cover with favorite pictures – a wonderful way to show Dad how much he is loved.


Here is a great way to show the gadget happy Dad you care with his own iDad Card.


Show your Pop he’s the top with this clever candy or treat-filled alternative to a regular card


Things to Make


Get the simple directions to make a Mustache Mug that is sure to make everyone smile.



With a colored t-shirt, chalk, laundry bleach pens, and some imagination, you can create a masterpiece perfect to be worn proudly.


Do something special for your BBQ Daddy with a personalized apron using fabric paint. Put some grilling tools in the pocket, roll it up, tie it off with a ribbon and you have a gift that will be loved for years to come.


Things to put Together


Make a special delivery candy gram using candy favorites and some silly writing skills.

june 1

Get all of Dad’s favorites, then add some fun, easy-to-print Retro Labels to let him know how your feel


Download tokens, fill in the blanks, and put it into a special tin just for Dad making a gift that will keep on giving.

Things to Mix-up, Fry & Bake


Check out the local $5.oo DVD for some fun, family-friendly movies, mix-up some DIY popcorn salt, and package it up for Dad for a homemade film festival with all the popcorn he (and you) can eat.


Grill up a big, juicy steak, thick burger, or favorite hunk of meat (or for vegetarians, try a Portabella Mushroom burger) and add these veggies fries on the side instead of those expected regular potatoes.


If Dad loves pretzels, beer, AND brownies, here’s a recipe that combines all three – Guinness Stout Brownies. Or try a version with Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheese Frosting, a great finish to any Father’s Day meal.


Things to do Together

june 2 shopper 1

Create the ultimate fishing adventure with Dad by putting together a kit that starts with making do-it-yourself fishing poles…and don’t forget  to make some flies!

june 2

If you Dad is the family bug killer, this may be one of the best Father’s Day projects to do, ever. Making a handy-dandy Spider Gun. Wrap up all the supplies, maybe even include a rubber spider, and enjoy creating it together.


How about getting into the workshop and making a Swiss Army Keyholder? It may be one of the coolest, and most useful, key fob’s ever, made even better when done together.

Things for an Outing


Make a S’more’s Kit, complete with homemade marshmallows and cookies, to be taken to the park, for a campout, into the backyard, even for the fireplace.


Surprise Dad with a Bicycle Scavenger Hunt and end the ride back at home with a special lunch made up of all his favorites!


Head out with the family for a Father’s Day round of miniature golf (or regular golf for bigger kids). Better yet, why not make your own miniature golf course, indoor or outdoor, with Dad receiving the trophy as the winner of the day…and certainly the Best Dad.




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