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Awesome Gifts for Dad Under $10

You don’t have to be a millionaire on Father’s Day to still get your dad something special. For all of you who may be short on cash this year or are just looking for an extra gift to add to the array of presents on this day all about dads, then consider these five favorites. They are fun and affordable, so think about giving dad one of these gifts for under $10 that definitely won’t break your budget.

Bungee Card Case

Bungee Card Case |

Every dad needs a new wallet. The years of wear and tear taking its toll are always causing his wallet to fall apart. You don’t have to spend a fortune this year though to still get him a convenient accessory to carry his credit cards, keys, and cash thanks to the Bungee Card Case. This aluminum wallet has a secure lid for holding your important items, and with its compact and sleek look, it can easily fit in any pocket.

Ball Socks

Dad certainly loves his sports, and Father’s Day is the perfect day to buy him some sports related items such as shirts, jerseys, caps, jackets, or anything else branded with his favorite team. Whether he likes soccer, basketball, or baseball, how about a nice pair of socks decorated for the sport of his choice. The Ball Socks are a fun and athletic way for your dad to show his love for his favorite sport any day of the year.

Urban Kit Glove Box

How about getting dad something that will come in handy during his many automotive rides. Give your dad the gift of travel accessories with the Urban Kit Glove Box. This case may look small, but it can fit more than you think. Enjoy the hand warmer, ice scraper, snap-light, pen and pad, tissues, and more, all conveniently tucked away and easily stored right there in your glove box.

Wallet Bottle Opener

Speaking of wallets, how about this cool product that is so slim, it can easily slide in and out of your wallet with ease. If your dad loves his beer and needs a new bottle opener he can easily carry with him anywhere, then the Wallet Bottle Opener is a great choice this year. This creative opener resembles an actual credit card, but instead of charging up your balance, just start popping those pesky caps off some bottles.

U-Lock Keyring

Is your dad the type who is constantly losing his keys? Does he love attaching them to his belt loop and walking around with them jangling all over the place? Then he’ll really enjoy the U-Lock Keyring. This key chain looks just like the kind bicyclists use to lock up their bikes, but now your dad can safely and securely lock up his own keys with it.

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