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5 Practical Gifts For Father’s Day


Looking for something cool to do this year for dad? Having trouble figuring out ways to show how much you love and appreciate him and all that he has done for you over the years? With Father’s Day around the corner, sometimes it can be hard thinking of things to do that’ll really make the day even more special. In addition to whatever gift-giving ideas you have this year, let these five ideas inspire you to make this Father’s Day the best one ever.

A Comforting Gift for Those Sore Joints

How many stories have you heard from dad about his days playing baseball on his high school team or his victorious moments on the football field? And who knows, maybe your dad still likes throwing around the ball with you in the backyard or playing a recreational game of basketball. Take the day to enjoy some of the sporting activities he likes, but keep in mind that even after all this time, you dad may still be feeling the effects of his athletic years.

It always seems to be the shoulders and knees that hurt the worst, so let dad soothe some of those tired, aching muscles of his with the Carepeutic Knee and Joint Physiotherapy Massager. This device will be his new personal physical therapist by utilizing heat therapy, magnetic therapy and comforting massages to ease some of that built-up pain.

Give the Gift of a Good Old-Fashioned Shoe Shine

Your dad works so hard and sometimes neglects keeping things clean and tidy. Help your dad out this Father’s Day by rearranging his closet in an organized fashion, putting the winter clothes in storage that he’s forgotten about during the hot summer, or making a trip to the dry cleaners so his suits look nice and fresh for his next meeting. However, you won’t want to forget the shoes because what clean outfit looks complete if your shoes are all dirty?

Go old-school this Father’s Day and get your dad’s shoes looking sparkling new with the Gentlemen’s Hardware Shoe Shine Kit. Make your father’s shoes shine like they did when he first bought them with the hard and soft brush, the black and neutral polish, and cleaning cloth, all nicely stored in the felt zip up case.

Break Out the Barbecue For Some Delicious Cooking

How many summers do you remember coming home and finding dad out in the backyard over a steaming hot barbecue, spatula in hand, flipping some yummy burgers, hot dogs or ribs? The smells just filled the entire yard and made your stomach grumble with hunger. Now you can return the delicious favor by cooking dad some of your homemade barbecue. And if you don’t quite know how to cook, spend some time with dad and you both can have fun making classic favorites or trying something new.

Don’t let cleanup ruin all the festivities now thanks to the Grillbot. This cleaning robot will take away the hassle of scrubbing your barbecue grates with its powerful bristles and rotating brushes. Simply turn it on, close the barbecue lid, and let the internal smart computer control the direction and speed as it makes your grill shine.

Throw a Themed Dinner

Make dinner something special tonight for dad with a fun theme revolving around something he enjoys. Choose from his favorite sport, music, TV show, or hobby and get creative with ways to turn dinner into a unique experience. With so many options, you can make the dinnerware, drinkware, and even the types of foods you serve match the topic you choose.

If dad is a movie buff, put on his favorite film and serve dinner with the Cinema Placemat Set. These movie-themed dinner mats look just like the ratings screen you see before the opening credits. It’ll get a good laugh out of dad and fit perfectly with your blockbuster party.

A Tasty Collection of Alcoholic Beverages

Does your dad enjoy the many tastes of alcohol? Get him a gift card so he can purchase his brand-of-choice, schedule a trip to a local winery as a special vacation, or pick up a bottle of his favorite vino. Perhaps he considers himself more of a beer connoisseur but still wants the experience that someone gets going to a wine tasting.

Look no further than the Beer Tasting Set. This great gift will give your dad the chance to not only taste his favorite brews by using the six different drinking glasses, but he can also learn all about the types of foods, cheeses, and desserts to pair with the beers, as well as the optimum temperature of which to serve them.

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