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Hug Your Cat Day June 4th

Find a cat and give it a hug because June 4 is National Hug a Cat Day! Cats have been shown to help people who own them reduce stress in their lives, so it seems only natural that there should be a day to show them appreciation and affection.  Just watch out for claws. Sometimes cats don’t do so well with surprises.

Give Your Kitty a Snuggle


According to Catster, giving your kitty that little special time of the day with you will keep both of you happy.  Find a quiet time, even if just for a couple of minutes, so the two of you can have a little cuddle.

Bump Heads to Show You Care


Did you know one of the ways your cat says hello to you is when she bumps her head against yours? Cats have oil glands just in front of the ears that leave a scent on yes, essentially saying, “you’re my friend.” It’s similar to when they rub against your leg creating a bond with you and identifying a comfortable, familiar place and space.photolibrary_rm_photo_of_older_man_with_cat

How About a Cuddle?


Not only are hugs good for humans as mood elevators, they are also good for your cats. Highly sensory animals, this adds to their feeling of safety and security.  Be forewarned, though, not every cat wants a hug, so observe your pet thoughtfully, as for some, a lot of loving pets will be preferred and have the same effect for both of you.hug_your_cat_day

And Now for a Kitty Massage


According to PetMD, massaging or kneading starts as kittens.  Kneading on momma kitty will help to start milk production.  As cats grow older, many theorize this behavior is  a way to show they are happy.  Sometimes, however, the happier they are, the harder they massage, so you may need a blanket to provide a bit of padding. And be sure to return the favor, too!

Give Your Cat a Special Space


Show them you care by giving them a special place to hang out like this Cat Crib ($29.00) where they can be near you all the time or this great Cat Playhouse-Cabin ($32.95). You will be sure to get lots of hugs, head bumps, and leg rubbings for that!



How About a Special Treat Box


If you are looking to REALLY spoil that special furball in your life, check out KitNipBox ($19.99-29.99). This monthly subscription-based service offers several options, including gift certificates and boxes for homes with more than one cat.  Show kitty you care with a special box all his or her own.  And everyone knows how much cats like boxes!

Adopt Don’t Shop


If you are thinking about getting or ready for finding a new friend, check your local shelters and rescues for lots of wonderful pets who are looking for forever homes.  The Human Society  has ten great reasons why should including the fact you will get a great pet AND you will be saving a life.10-unusual-may-holidays-hug-your-cat-day-ss

Show Them You Carehugyourcat

Most importantly, show your cat you care.  Keep them healthy and safe by making sure they are micro-chipped, vaccinated, and seen regularly by your veterinarian, fed and have clean, fresh water daily, play and snuggle with them, and, yes, hug them any day you want.hugyourcat12-2014

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