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5 Items To Help You Get Better Sleep


Sometimes it feels like you just never get enough sleep. You try and go to bed early, but end up tossing and turning for hours. Or, you stay up late finishing up some work, and find yourself exhausted in the morning. May is officially Better Sleep Month. This annual tradition dates back to 1985 when the Better Sleep Council created this sleep-focused month in order to raise awareness on the importance of getting a proper night’s sleep. They offer information on how to go about sleeping better overall, so in honor of this sleep-filled month, here are five products to help you sleep just a little bit better tonight.

Dreamate Sleeping Aid Wristband

Dreamate Sleeping Aid Wristband from

For those who have difficulty falling asleep, let the Dreamate Sleeping Aid Wristband help you count those sheep. This little device easily attaches to your wrist with the Velcro straps and uses pulse waves to relax your heart rate by targeting the necessary acupuncture points. Just turn it on for 30 minutes and let your mind drift off to dreamland on a relaxing cloud of sleep.


Everyone needs a good eye mask to help them sleep. Whether you are trying to fall asleep at night but your significant other is keeping that lamp on to read by, or you are catching a quick nap in the afternoon but that sun is just blazing in through your window, the Eye Masks are a fun-filled way to block out that light and let you get the rest you need. Choose from the two styles, “Closed” or “Will Return”, and get some sleep!

Kuonao Mini Massage Eye Mask

Give your eyes the massage they deserve with the Kuonao Mini Massage Eye Mask. Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work where your eyes were glued to a bright computer screen for eight hours. Relieve some of that tension with this massager that uses acupressure technology to help stimulate your metabolism, reduce fatigue, and improve your overall sleep quality. With three different strengths and six types of vibrations to choose from, your eyes will be ready to sleep in no time.

First Class Sleeper

If you find it difficult to get some proper sleep during those longer airline flights because the seat is just not comfortable enough, then bring the First Class Sleeper with you on your next trip. This pillow inflates with ease and provides your neck and lumbar the support you need so you can sleep smoothly no matter how far you are traveling.

Zip & Flip Bear

Get the kids involved in Better Sleep Month with the Zip & Flip Bear. This cute little guy comes in black and brown and transforms from a cuddly buddy into a comfy pillow in seconds. Rest your head on your new favorite travel companion.

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