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How To Throw The Perfect Spring Tea Party

Summer, Still-Life, Pitcher, Garden, OutdoorsWho said tea parties have to just be for kids? Adults enjoy tea and parties, so why not combine the two together? Bring back a little bit of those memories from your childhood by throwing your very own Spring Tea Party. Pick a lovely spot on a sunny afternoon and invite your friends and family for a wonderful get-together. Take out your favorite tea set, set the table, serve some yummy tea and desserts, and enjoy a tea party you all will never forget.

Pick the Perfect Tablecloth

You’ll need to set the table for this lovely spring gathering, so picking the proper tablecloth should be first on your list. Decide if you want to go traditional with a classic red and white checkerboard pattern or incorporate the season with a great flowered design that’ll really bring the entire table together.

Tablecloth, Flowers, Pattern, Floral Design, ClothTablecloth, Flowers, White, Table, Decoration
Coffee Cup, Tablecloth, Cup, Table, White


Add Some Decorations!

Pick from streamers, flowers, lights, candles, or any other personal touches you feel will bring the table to life. Just a few simple decorations can make your tea party go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Wedding, Tea Cup, Flower, Tea, Cup, Coffee, Food, Party


A Fairy Tale Tea Set

The tea set is the focal point of any tea party of course. It’ll have the tea pot as the center of attention, being passed around and used to pour and serve those wonderful teas. And of course the matching cups will just complete the overall tea party look. With the hundreds of styles to choose from, you can either buy something new and modern or go with a more vintage and traditional look. Let your imagination soar.

Inside Out Heart Cup & Saucer Set, Pink/Gold |

How about adding a little polka dot to your tea party? The White Polka Dots Tea Pot is a cute, fun, and stylish way to enjoy your tea. Each teapot comes packaged in a matching hat box that’ll be great for storing and displaying. Or, choose from the Polka Dot Coffee/Tea Set that comes in a bright red color with polka dot design. Pour from the teapot and use the included creamer and sugar bowl to really bring the entire set together.


Infuse Your Tea With Fun Flair

For those at your tea party who enjoy infusing their own tea, lay out an assortment of different tea infusers that’ll give your table both a fun and unique look. Choose from the wide variety of styles and give your guests as many options as you wish. Tea never looked or tasted so good.

Image 1

Don’t Forget to Feed Your Guests!

Of course no tea party is complete without some food! Serve up some delicious little delicacies like sandwiches or salads. And for dessert, decorate your table with an array of pastries including cakes, pies, cookies, donuts, muffins, and more. It’ll make the entire setting look absolutely perfect and you and your guests will love filling up on tea and treats.

Donuts, Pastries, Cake, Chocolate, Eat, Bake, Brown

Biscuit, Tea, Fruit, Sweet, Snack, Dessert, Breakfast

Cake, Tea, Dessert, Party, Food, Breakfast, Teatime

Cake, Chocolate Cake, Banana Cake, Banentorte

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