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Get Pedaling: It’s National Bike Month!

For those of you who enjoy a nice bike ride, whether to work or for recreational purposes, bicycling is a excellent way to get some exercise and is a great mode of transportation. May is National Bike Month and you can celebrate by going for a nice long ride through the park or that quiet trail that you know. Get your kids involved too and go on a family ride through the neighborhood. Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, this tradition has dated back to 1956 and invites you to hop on your own bicycle and start enjoying the many wonderful benefits that bike riding can provide.

Magnetic Bike Lights

For those late evenings when you feel like going for a nightly ride, let the Magnetic Bike Lights provide you with the shining light you need. This great safety feature is magnetic so you can easily attach it to the back of the bike so cars and other riders will be able to spot you as you pedal by.

Wheel Brightz

Wheel Brightz |

If you are looking for a colorful and eye-catching way to light up your evening rides, then look no further than the Wheel Brightz. These LED strands of light will attach to your tire rims so as you ride, they’ll look like glowing balls of vibrant colors just whirling by in the darkness. You’ll have the coolest and brightest bike on the block.

Urban Kit Bike Ride

You can never be too prepared for what you may encounter during your biking travels. The Urban Kit Bike Ride will be your new favorite accessory to carry with you during those long rides because it includes first aid materials such as antiseptic wipes and sun cream, as well as bike supplies like tire levers and a puncture repair kit.

Bike Paint Job Stickers



Who needs to spend a fortune getting your bike professionally detailed when you can just do it yourself? The Bike Paint Job Stickers are a quick and affordable way to customize your ride all on your own. Just peel off the backing and attach with the adhesive the four different colored dots and make your bike look absolutely awesome.


Liberty Bike Bell

liberty bike bell


For adults who still want a bell on their bike but are looking for something a bit more mature than what their children are using, the Liberty Bike Bell is perfect. This historical bell will ring like any other and let everyone in your path know you are coming.

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