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10 Reasons to Eat More Fruits & Veggies

For a healthy, strong body eating lots of fruits and vegetables what you need to stay that way. Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day on May 26 is a great way to get your fill of vitamins and minerals. In fact, this power packed produce may help to reduce your risk of many diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, even some cancers.  And while there is one day a year called Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day, here are 10, count ’em 10, reasons why every day should be Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day. So, raise a carrot stick to your good health.

#1 – Low in Calories


What better reason can one have for enjoying the great variety of fruits and vegetables out there.  Talk about a plus when it comes to trying to lose that last couple of pounds!  Check out this list of low 25 Nearly Calorie-Free Foods  from WebMD that may include both some favorites and some new ideas.

#2 – Whiten Your Teeth


Eating Well has a list of seven foods that can whiten your teeth naturally including strawberries (they may stain that white shirt, but they can make your teeth dazzle), apples, pineapple, and, are you ready for this?,  broccoli.

#3 – Speaking of Teeth, Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Sweet tooth get the best of you sometimes? It does us all, but eating sweet corn, apples, and tomatoes can help you get over it according to Natural News.

#4- Fiber, Fiber, Fiber


And who among us can’t use a little more fiber in our diet? It may sound like an unappetizing word, but when it comes to taste, it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, eating fiber-rich vegetables are a great way to lower your cholesterol, as well as having the added bonus of being low in calories, fat, sugar, and salt…not to mention high in vitamins and minerals!  Best Health Magazine suggests you try peas, potatoes, Brussels sprouts (really, try them roasted), parsnips, and spinach, and they have some great recipes for you to try, too. Fiber never tasted so good.


#5 – Some Come With Their Own Packaging


Toss a banana, clementine, orange, even a kiwi (although you may need a knife and a spoon for that one) into your backpack, bag, or purse, and have a great snack that is ready to go and doesn’t require being being placed in a bag or being washed before you eat.  conservation at its best! There are also many fruits and vegetables whose peels contain lots of great nutritional value and with a good rinse, they are ready to go.  Want to know more appealing peels? Go to Nutrition and You for more information.

#6 – Accessible


One of the great thing about fruits and vegetables is that even out of season, you can find many of your favorites  can be found in frozen, cans,  and dried forms so you can add them to your table year ’round.  If you make vegetable soup, think about making a double batch and freezing half for later or if you have fruit that is going bad, cut it up and freeze it to use in smoothies that will be cold and frosty, but not watered down by ice cubes.  Go to Fruits and Veggies More Matters for many more ideas on ways to have fruits and vegetables all year long.

#7 – Did Someone Say Variety?


Almost every fruit and vegetable can boast having several varieties.  Look at apple, for example. OrangePippin shows 37 different kinds ranging from sweet to tart and everything in between.  Or carrots. Berkeley Wellness  talks about “eastern” and “western” varities, not to mention colors including purple, red, white, and yellow.  As is often said, “variety is the spice of life,” but in this case, you can get a good idea about all different kinds of produce by visiting The Great Grub Club. Yum.

#8 – Exotic Fare


Try something new to tickle your tastebuds.  The Mother Nature Network has a slide show of 16 fruits ready to be tried.  From aguaje fruit and durian to rambutan and African horned cucumber, it’s at least worth a look if not a taste.  And here’s an idea…exotic fruits can also make for great gifts.  Perfect for a new home, as a host/hostess gift, or a thank you presented in a beautiful basket tied with gorgeous ribbon. A gift that will surely be long remembered for both its thoughtfulness and uniqueness.

#9 – Vitamin & Minerals


Health Alicious Ness offers terrific top ten lists for all different kinds of minerals, vitamins, protein, fiber, fat, and more.  Click on what you are looking for whether a certain mineral, like calcium, or what fruit or veggie may contain the most vitamin A.  It’s a great resource and has printable options, too.

#10 – Simply Delicious


Fruits and vegetables are naturally delicious and extremely versatile. Experiment  with some new recipes for you and your family like the ones found at Cooking Light,, and Whole Living, which features great no-cook snacks.

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