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The Ultimate Guide For The Best Pizza Party Ever!

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There’s nothing like a good slice of pizza. The zesty sauce, gooey cheese, crispy crust, and array of toppings all baked together into a delicious and absolutely amazing pizza pie. The third Friday in May is officially National Pizza Party Day! Invite your friends and family for a night of nothing but pizza. This guide will offer you some festive ideas, yummy recipes, and so much more to help you throw the biggest, most delicious, and perfect pizza party ever!


Offer Some Mini Pizza Appetizers

Pizza, Pizza Bagel Bites, Homemade, Cooking, Dinner

What party is complete without appetizers, and what pizza party is complete without pizza appetizers? Pizza bagels will be the perfect sampler for your guests to get their first tastes of what is to come for the main course. Enjoy these delicious little starters with this recipe from that’ll really get your guests pumped for some pizza.


Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

For the main course, it’s time to pick your pizza. Which one will you serve? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to really get that mind thinking and that stomach growling.

Pizza, Slice, Italian, Toppings, Dinner, Lunch, Cheese
Pizza, Basil, Olives, Meal, Krájaná, Odkrojená
Pizza, Food, Italian, Cheese, Wooden, Board, Basil
American, Bacon, Bread, Cheese, Cheesy, Deliver
Go homemade with this pepperoni pizza recipe from

Pizza, Food, Italian, Cheese
You can’t go wrong with a great cheese pizza with this recipe


The Tools You’ll Need To Make Those Ingredients

When you’ve decided on the recipe you wish to try, break out the mixing bowls, rolling pin, and ingredients you’ll need to get that pizza ready for cooking. Mince up all the herbs that’ll really complete your sauces with the Rolling Palm Herb Mincer, add in the flavor of garlic with the GarlicMachine Garlic Press, and get those cheeses prepped and ready to go with the Peckorino Birdie Cheese Grater.


Give Your Guests Options!

Not all your guest will like the same flavor of pizza. Lay out a spread of all different pizzas with a variety of toppings. For the meat lovers, give them some sausage or pepperoni. For the traditionalists, a classic cheese will always do the trick. Give the vegetarians in the room a vegetable pizza to satisfy their hunger. The more pizza the merrier.

Pizzas, Pizza Topping, Fast, Food, Meal, Italian, Baked

A Unique Way To Serve

Don’t just put those pizzas out on the table on plain old plates. Get creative with your pizza party by trying something different. Serve up those pies on the wooden pizza board, after it has cooled of course, or get humorous and buy empty pizza boxes and fill them up with slices. As an added bonus, the pizza boxes could even be used as decorations to really complete the overall pizza party theme.

Pizza, Italian, Toppings, Dinner, Lunch, Cheese

Pizza Boxes, Boxes, Pizza Service, Pizza Transport

Use A Fun Pizza Cutter

Forget those boring old pizza cutters you’ve had forever, and introduce a new one at your party. The Pizza Peddler, Fresh Slice Pizza Cutter, Pizza Ax, and Pizza Boss 300 Pizza Slicer are all fun and functional pizza cutters that’ll really slice through those delicious pies.

The After Party Leftovers

When your party is over, give your guests the gift of a party favor with the Collapsible Pizza Box. This container is perfectly shaped to fit those pizza slices, so storing leftovers will be simple and easy.

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