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The Five Frames You’ll Want For Your Photos

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Are you a photo-fanatic? Do you enjoy taking tons and tons of pictures? Frames come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs. The great thing about them is you can either buy from the myriad of options available or get creative and make your own. They can be personalized and customized any way you desire. Frames complete your photos, and picking the proper frame can take your pictures to the next level. Here are five fun, interesting, and unique frames for your photo creations to call home.

Magnetic Chalkboard Picture Frame

What do you get when you combine magnets, a chalkboard, and a picture frame? The Magnetic Chalkboard Picture Frame of course. This multipurpose frame allows you to not only display your photos, but also write on the chalkboard and attach notes using the magnets. Hang this frame up anywhere in your home and have fun customizing it with whatever pictures or drawings you desire.

Sunny Desk Photo Display

Bring a burst of sunlight to your picture frames with the Sunny Desk Photo Display. This unique piece for showing off your photos looks like a blazing sun. The spokes for attaching your pictures resembles the rays of sunlight cascading outwards from the sun’s center. Pick from one or all three colors and make your desk just shine with all your wonderfully-photographed memories.

Catwalk Picture Hanger

Cat got your photos? The Catwalk Picture Hanger will be a purr-fect way for displaying photos of your beloved cat…or you of course. Hang the included line of string and use the kitty clips to attach your photos. Each clip resembles your favorite feline friends in different poses so let these cute little kitties securely keep watch over your favorite pictures.

Magnetic Poster Frame

Magnetic Poster Frame |

Bring a new level of sophistication to your artwork thanks to the Magnetic Poster Frame. The design is simple yet effective. Just place the piece of art in between the wooden strips, let the magnets line up, and just like that, you are ready to display on the wall. Either mount it using some nails or hang it from the attached rope. You’ll have your very own art gallery in your home before you know it.

Telephone Keys Frame

Ring, ring, ring! Dial in all your photos with the Telephone Keys Frame. Save your memories and display them with this frame featuring actual phone keys that were recycled and used to create this frame’s overall design.

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