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Sock It To Me: Cool and Crazy Socks You’ll Love

Whether you wear them proudly out in the open or hidden underneath your business suit, there is something fun about wearing crazy socks.  Stripes, polka dots, or patterns galore, they will add a little kick to your day!

Swan Song


Sail along in your day with these delightful Toe Socks featuring happy swans, pandas, and an assortment of water life, $23.99

Neon to Go


Be was wild as you want under those slacks and no one will be the wiser with these Neon Knee Socks, $8.50


You Can’t Lick These


Sweet! Check out these delicious Ice Cream Cone Socks, $14.00

They Just Look Like They Have Seeds


No need to look too far when you it’s Watermelon Socks your tootsies are craving, $9.00

Get in Your Daily Fruit


Even when you wear shorts you can still tickle your toes with these cute little Fruit Socks, $8.00

Definitely Socks That are on Point


Perfect for the undercover writer, get either the Pencil or Notebook Paper Socks to help them stay on course, $9.99

Super Duper Socks


Feel like you can do anything all day long with Wonder Woman Socks (find other super heroes, too), $10.55

Head to Kate Middletoe


You will always be in style with your clever Kate Middletoe Socks or any of the other characters available, $11.49

Wildly Non-traditional


These Born to be Wild Knee Socks are fun and funky an there are even more where they came from, $9.99

There’s No Place Like Hose


Just click your heels three times in these Ruby Slipper Socks and you can pretend to go away,  $15.80

Tutu Cute!


If you feel like you want to dance, take a twirl in these Tutu Socks, $14.99

Slip on the Sharks


No need to swim with the them when you can wear those Shark Socks right into work, $10.00

King of the Jungle Socks


Let your inner beast out with these short Animal Socks, leopards, frogs, and zebras, they are almost as much fun as a safari, $7.50


A Teddy Bear Hug for Your Knees


Oh, honey, these Teddy Bear Thigh Highs are sweet and sexy, $9.99




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