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10 Office Toys and Gadgets To Relieve Stress

Those who are stuck working that nine-to-five grind know exactly what it feels like being trapped behind a desk all day with nothing to do to break up the tedious and boring daily tasks. You constantly watch the clock, hoping that the minute hand will tick by just a little bit faster so you can finally escape the monotony. We think you need something to help pass the time and make your day a little bit brighter. Well, with these 10 gadgets and toys, you can add a little humor back into your workday and turn that nine-to-five grind into a nine-to-five fun time.

Stress Buster

Let out a little frustration that’s been building up inside of you at work with the Stress Buster. This desktop punching bag is perfect for those moments when you just can’t stand the tension anymore and need some way to alleviate that pressure safely while still at the office.


Infrared Remote Control Snake 

You’ll be causing quite the commotion at work when you set this slippery guy loose. The Infrared Remote Control Snake slithers and hisses its tongue like the real thing all while you control it from the comfort of your desk. Your office will never be the same.


Finger Drums 

Bring a little music to your workplace with these fun Finger Drums. This fully-equipped miniaturized drum set will have you rocking out like the rock star you are right there at your desk with no drumsticks required.


Smile Mini Flyer Infrared 

The office can use a bit more happy faces sometimes and the Smile Mini Flyer Infrared can help with that. The ceiling is the limit with this airborne toy that will spin across the room and keep everyone at work distracted for just a little bit of fun.


Jumbo Pill Sienna Red

When those days at the office are particularly slow, why not challenge yourself with the Jumbo Pill Sienna Red. Similar in design to the cup-and-ball toys where you have to flip a ball into the cup you’re holding just from the string it’s attached to, this precision skill toy will provide you with hours of fun to pass the time at work.


USB Retro Fan

On those warmer summer days when the air conditioning at work isn’t functioning properly, you’ll appreciate that you have the USB Retro Fan. This compact fan will plug in easily to your laptop so you’ll have a steady breeze keeping you cool as you work no matter what.


Pixel Mouse

Take a step back in time with the Pixel Mouse. This retro-inspired computer accessory will bring back memories of the days when you would see this pixelated pointer scanning your screen while you worked. Now, it’s been brought to life as the Pixel Mouse and will make a great impression at the office.


Warmkeyboard Heated USB Keyboard 

Let’s face it. When it’s freezing outside, the last thing you want to do is sit down at a cold keyboard to do your work. With the Warmkeyboard Heated USB Keyboard, you have the comfort of knowing that this gadget will be there to keep your hands nice and toasty while you type.


Social Sticky Notes 

Forget boring old sticky notes. You need the Social Sticky Notes at your desk to scribble whatever messages or reminders you need anytime. Designed to look like a social media post on Facebook, these fun memos are the perfect addition to any workspace.


Robot 2.0 USB Hub 

Sometimes your desk just needs a pal to keep you company throughout your workday. The Robot 2.0 USB Hub is the perfect technological friend that has LED eyes that light up and movable wheels that let you plug in your USB cables.

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