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Here’s What You’ll Need To Make The Tastiest Apple Pie

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Who doesn’t love a nice piece of warm apple pie topped off with a cold scoop of ice cream? Just imagine it, that delicious smell of baked apples and cinnamon wafting through your kitchen, the crisp crust crumbling beneath your fork as you take a piece, and the incredible tastes of the warm apples mixing with the melting ice cream. Nothing is better than that. On May 13th, celebrate everything you love about apple pie on National Apple Pie Day. If you’re a baker, whip up your own apple pie using either your favorite recipe or your grandmother’s traditional one. If baking isn’t your thing, then just head to the store and buy a nice, fresh pie and dig in. You can’t go wrong with apple pie on National Apple Pie Day!

Pick The Perfect Apples

If you’re looking to make your own apple pie, then the most important piece to the baking will be the apples themselves. Decide which flavor you are going for and pick the best apples you can find. It’ll make all the difference when putting the whole pie together.

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Display and Store Those Apples Right

Whether you are waiting to cut up those apples or just wish to display your freshly-bought fruit as a centerpiece to your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the Block Wire Fruit Bowl. This modern accessory is made from steel and will keep your fruits fresher longer, so even if you don’t finish all those apples on the first pie, store them in this bowl and know that they’ll still be ready for use the next time.

A Knife To Cup Up Those Apple Slices

You can’t make apple pie with whole apples of course, so you’ll need the right tools to chop and slice those apples to the proper size you want. The Knife Block Set comes with five brightly-colored knives that include a bread knife, utility knife, paring knife, chefs knife, and an all-purpose knife. Perfect for cutting up those apples easily, these heavy duty metal kitchen utensils will have you all set for some baking.

Recipes That’ll Cook To Perfection

Now that you’ve got the apples sliced up and ready to go, you’re going to need some recipes to help you out unless you are master baker who already knows how to make the perfect apple pie. Here are some ideas that’ll inspire the baker in you.

Apple, Pie, Lattice, Dessert, Crust, ThanksgivingConsider this recipe that was passed down from this baker’s grandmother. Courtesy of 


Apple Pie, Pastry, Baked, Food, Dessert, SugarGo with a more traditional pie today and enjoy the delicious tastes of this recipe.

Top It Off With Some Ice Cream

Of course no apple pie can truly be complete without that ice cream topping. Vanilla is usually the traditional choice paired with apple pie, but this is National Apple Pie Day and you can get as creative and experimental with your flavor combinations as you please.

If buying the store brand ice cream is just too easy for you, try making your own using the YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball where you put all the ingredients inside, shake it up and toss it around, and when you’re done, you’ll have delicious ice cream ready for that pie. Scoop it out using the Ice Cream Scoop shaped like an ice cream cone, place it on top of that warm pie, and enjoy!



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