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May Is National Hamburger Month!

Hamburger enthusiasts rejoice! May is National Hamburger Month and anyone who likes to sink their teeth into this juicy delight can tell you it is definitely worth celebrating. The battle of the best when it comes to burgers, whether Original Tommy’s, In-N-Out, White Castle, Krytal’s, or what you grill up in the backyard will remain evergreen, but to be sure, it is one fraught with passion. But why stop with just what you chomp into? Show the world your love of burgers year’round.  In short, get your burger on!

Do the Table Up Right


This fantastic Dip Bowl & Spreader ($62.33) may be just the perfect way to start off any of your hamburger-centric festivities



The Condiment Gun is a sure fire way to get everyone over to your way of thinking when it comes to hamburgers, ($13.95)


Add a little spiciness to the table with these cute Salt & Pepper Shakers, $9.99


And even the strictest of vegetarians can appreciate these cute Fruit Forks, $19.99

Something Special for the Burger-Master


Get that timing exactly right with the Hamburger Timer, $5.97



Hot dog buns the only thing available? Not a problem with this Ham Dogger that will shape up things differently, $13.50


Give the Chef an apron that means serious business, the Burger Apron, $26.00


Flip them off, the burgers that is, with this funky Burger Flipper, $16.95


Burger-style for Your Home


What pet wouldn’t adore snuggling up in a Hamburger-shaped Pet Bed? Ahhhhh, $140.00


A little Burger Chair for the kids is a fun addition to any playroom, $37.99


Add the Hamburger Pillow to liven up the decor in any room, $41.30


Keep that burger close, even first thing in the morning with the Powered By Cheeseburgers Mug, $9.95


Show Off Your Buns


Get someone to nibble on your ears with these Mini Cheeseburger earrings, $12.00


Make sure everyone is aware you are a carnivore with this Burger Sweatshirt, $65.00


Get a snazzy Hamburger Hat with all trimmings for you and your friends, $30.00 for 12


Of course, you can always be undercover about your love of burgers, but these Burgers On Your Buns Boxers may just warrant running around without your pants on, $18.00

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