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5 Must-Have Travel Water Bottles

During the first week of May, the American Water Works Association celebrates its annual Drinking Water Week. Take this opportunity to learn about the many benefits water can offer you.


If you don’t drink enough water, then maybe this week is a perfect excuse to start quenching that thirst a little bit more by increasing your H2O intake. These five water bottles will have you drinking more water like a fish in no time.

1. Eco Oasis Water Pouch

There’s always the aggravating issue of having an empty water bottle with you once you have finished all the contents in it. With the Eco Oasis Water Pouch, this problem just disappears.

It’s unique design allows it to fold up into a compact size so that once you are done drinking, it will easily tuck away inside your bag so you won’t have to worry about carrying it around and taking up space.

2. Bot-L Robot Sports Bottle

Having trouble getting your kids to drink more water? Trick them into drinking more H2O with this super cool Bot-L Robot Sports Bottle.

Robot Water Bottle

This cute little robot will be a great companion during your sporting events, workouts, or everyday use. For more ideas on how to get kids to drink water try adding fresh fruit in the water bottle. You can also make ice cubes with fruit in them then drop a few in the bottle when they’re not looking.

3. MultiFlask 6 in 1 Hydration System

If you enjoy multiple types of teas and water concoctions or are looking to stop wasting money on all kinds of different sugary drinks, look no further than the MultiFlask 6 in 1 Hydration System. The ultimate combination to get you through the work week and on casual weekend outings. Use it around the home and take it everywhere you go! Perfect for putting together any specific kind of drink you want. Plus you’ll save the earth in only using one bottle for all types of different drinks.



This multi-functional set includes 6 different features and pieces in 1 bottle. This bottle can be used for coffee, water, juice, and more! Use it to also make fruit infused drinks, powdered beverages, hot or cold teas, etc.

We’ve all heard the amazing benefits of drinking infused waters but never get around to it. Well this bottle is the perfect way to get started and welcome the magical wonderful world of infused beverages.


Benefits of Infused Water

And be sure to check out our awesome tips (and very popular pinterest post) on the best fruit-infused water recipes and tricks!


4. MB Steel Insulated Bottle

Remove the concern of a water bottle that’ll get your hands all wet with condensation thanks to the MB Steel Insulated Bottle. Carry and drink your water from this stylish and sleek-looking, Jade-colored bottle that is airtight, BPA free, and insulated.

Monbento Jade Water Bottle

And don’t just limit your water bottle to cold drinks. The cap on this bottle includes a detachable stainless steel infuser so you can brew a nice hot tea and keep it warm for hours too. With it’s remarkable 2-in-1 feature this bottle makes the perfect gift or accessory for tea lovers on the go.

5. Bottle x 4 Joint

EMY 4-in-1 Bottle Joint

What better way to enjoy water  than by sharing it with others. With the Bottle x 4 Joint, you don’t have to worry about the icky issue of everyone drinking from the same mouthpiece because this one has four! Choose which color you like and pass it on to the next person, and the next, and the next, so you can all come together and take a nice celebratory sip of H2O during this water-filled week. Great for sharing with pets too!

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