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5 Intergalactic Ways To Feel Out Of This World For National Space Day

On May 6th, you are invited to grab your telescope, pull out that star chart, and look up at the night’s sky in honor of National Space Day. This annual event is held each year on the first Saturday in May, and is dedicated to raising awareness and educating young people’s interests and curiosities in the field of anything space-related. Whether they want to be an engineer and help build the next NASA space shuttle or become an astronaut and join the ranks of the fellow brave men and women who have ventured into outer space, on National Space Day, the sky is literally and figuratively the limit.

Astronaut USB Light

If you aspire to be an astronaut and head into space to explore the unlimited depths of the universe, then start your travels with the Astronaut USB Light. This adorable little guy looks like he’s practically floating in zero gravity above your laptop thanks to its creative design. Simply plug him in to a USB port, lift the visor on the helmet, and watch as he starts to glow. Adjust the cable for your convenience and let this little spaceman light your keyboard all evening long.

Laserpod Orb Satellite

You’ll feel like the universe just landed in your living room when you switch on the Laserpod Orb Satellite. This astronomical piece uses three different colored lasers and a rotating crystal jewel to create the effect of a spinning galaxy or nebula that projects on your ceiling or wall. All you have to do is just sit back and relax and enjoy the lights, colors, and designs and you’ll feel like you have your very own planetarium right there in your home.

Space Pop

Houston, we have cleanliness, thanks to the Space Pop that is. Bath time just got sent into orbit with this rocket-shaped sponge that’ll make the boring task of scrubbing off the dirt from your last space mission that much more fun. Perfect for kids who love everything space-related or even the adult who just can’t get enough of astronomy and spaceships, let the Space Pop come in for a perfect landing right there in your bathroom.

3-2-1 Lunch Rocket Utensils

Get kids excited about the science of astronomy at a young age with the 3-2-1 Lunch Rocket Utensils. Your kids can become pilots of their very own utensil spaceships and pick up all the yummy foods their little space traveler’s heart desires with the rocket spoon and rocket fork. And who knows, these may spark enough interest that they feel inclined to pursue a career as the next great astronaut.

Rocket Fuel Coffee Drip

You can’t start your morning space travels without a nice boost, and the Rocket Fuel Coffee Drip will provide the astronaut in you with that perfect cup. Shaped like the bottom half of a rocket ship, this coffee brewer lands and remains stationed on your mug or cup, and before you know it, you have a great cup of coffee waiting for you.

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