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May the Fourth Be With You! It’s Star Wars Day

For anyone who is a Star Wars fan, over-the-top or secretly closeted, Star Wars Day is the stuff of which legends are made. So put on your best dark or light side on and get ready to celebrate out-of-this-world.

Star(t Wars) Your Day Off Right


What’s better than a Death Star Officially Licensed Waffler Maker? Eating the Death Star for breakfast. Talk about feeling powerful…and just plain full. Yum, $39.99


If you prefer to get toasted first thing before heading off to battle, the Darth Vader Toaster will set you on the right path, $49.99


If you feel a bit robotic in the morning and just need that “cup of joe,” to get you ready to face the Empire, this R2D2 Ceramic Mug may just do the Jedi trick, $19.60

Ready to Take on the Empire


Let it not be said you can’t stay warm AND make a Princess Leia fashion statement with this Buns Knit Beanie Hat that will surely take things by force, $19.99


Dive into the fray with this Rebel Pilot Hoodie and be ready for just about anything, $79.99


Be centered and balanced throughout your day with this Yoda Backpack that is sure to remind you to turn all your phrases upside down and backwards, $49.99


You Should Always Take the Time Out for a Power Lunch


Lightsaber Chopsticks will make anything taste like a victory, $11.99-17.99




Bring everyone together with a backyard barbecue and take control with Darth Vader Barbecue Tongs, $33.99.  It will almost be like having your own cantina, but without the alien band.


Pop a cold one into this R2D2 Metal Can Cooler, $5.11.  You decide if you want your beer light or dark or keep everyone guessing which side you’re on


Get the Kids in on the Act(ion)



Filled with over 30 recipes that will even make Stormtroopers drool, this Star Wars Cookbook for kids comes complete with ice saber pop trays,  perfect for those traveling to Hoth, $25.00



Mr. Potato Head fans, beware.  Darth Tater is on the loose, $18.49. and just waiting to mash anyone in his way.


Serious Business for Grown-ups



No one will mess with you when you have both your game face AND your Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag on, $89.99


Let this C-3PO Mimobot Designer Flash Drive take you into the next century, $19.99-69.00, available in sizes from 8-64GB

cookie cutters

Mesmerize everyone over to your side using the force of this 8-Piece Cookie Cutter Set to sweeten the deal.  Who could possibly resist that? $29.99


Live to Fight Another Day


Nothing quite like sitting back with the old Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener at the end of a tough day of batter and opening a cold one, $10.00

tie figher.jpg

Crack some nuts after cracking some heads with the Tie Fighter Nut Cracker, $34.99


Sit back with a good tome and wax philosophical about Star Wars Day with the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, $9.84, a sure way to separate you from all the rest.


And So the Adventure for Today is Told in a Galaxy Right Where You are Tucking in for the Evening


Wrap yourself up and be at the ready for your dreams of battle with the Storm Trooper Hooded Robe, $76.79, that will be sure to knock them for a loop


Even man’s best friend can give you peace of mind knowing you are fully protected with this AT-AT Imperial Walker Pet Costume.  May be suitable for larger cats.  Maybe not. $24.99


Finish you day with the help of this little droid.  Let the BB-8 Desktop Lamp turn out the lights on yet another successful May the 4th, $34.99





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