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In Honor of Our Feathered Friends, It’s Bird Day!

On May 4th, 1894, Bird Day was first established by Charles Almanzo Babcock as a day to raise awareness for our feathered friends. Take this day as an opportunity to learn more about the hundreds of different species of beautiful birds that are on this planet. If you have a bird of your own, make them feel extra special on this day devoted entirely to them. Go bird watching with your friends, family, or just by yourself and observe these incredible avian creatures in their natural habitats. Add these five products to your celebrating and bring a little bit more of these winged-friends into your home.

Hummingbird Sabuda Greeting Cards

You’ll need some way to tell people that it is Bird Day. The Hummingbird Sabuda Greeting Cards are a fitting tribute to birds everywhere and will be a perfect way to send out the message to your friends and family. These pop-up cards feature the magnificent Hummingbird as it perches on a flower to feed from, with wings spread wide and colorful feathers just soaring right off the page. These greeting cards will make stunning additions to your celebrating.

Wilderness Birds Mobile

Wilderness Birds Mobile |

Let some wild birds into your home thanks to the Wilderness Birds Mobile. This decorative piece will look lovely floating in the air as the five different birds seamlessly soar as they hang from the mobile’s strings. Perfect for either a bird-watcher or someone who just really enjoys these creatures, hang this piece up anywhere in your home and watch these five birds fly.

Sparrow Key Holder

Who could possibly ever lose their keys with this precious and cute little birdie attached to them? The Sparrow Key Holder will keep your keys safely in one place thanks to its birdhouse that’ll attach to your wall. Simply perch this bird back in his home with your keys hanging from his feet and you’ll be sure to always find them just where you left them. As a bonus feature, the sparrow also doubles as a whistle.

Drinking Bird

You can’t miss this retro toy that has been around for years. The Drinking Bird is a classic piece that uses science to create its continuous movement. Watch as the fluid and dye go back and forth from the head to the body, creating the familiar dipping motion of a bird actually ducking its head to drink.

Sparrows Wall Hook

Remove the unnecessary clutter from your floor now thanks to the Sparrows Wall Hook. These adorable birdies will diligently stay perched on these hooks that resemble tree branches, waiting for you to hang your clothing, towels, bathrobes, and more.

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