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Celebrate National Baby Day!

As you can probably guess, Baby Day on May 2nd is a day devoted to babies. Although the origins of this holiday are not entirely known, use this day as an excuse to spoil your little one with these five gifts that’ll make them feel even more loved than they already are.

Kids Bath Sponge

Make bath time fun time with the Kids Bath Sponge. These cute little critters will bring smiles to your baby’s face when it is time to get nice and clean. Pick from the seal, frog, or duck, and use these soft friends to create lots and lots of suds! Bath time just became your baby’s new favorite time of the day.

Spraycan Baby Rattle

Your baby can’t even walk yet and already he or she can feel like an artist. The Spraycan Baby Rattle was designed to resemble the real spraycan that graffiti artists use, but this one is completely safe for the little toddler. Just give it to them and they’ll have so much fun giving this spraycan-shaped rattle a shake.

Insulate Baby Bottle Warmer

Keep your baby’s bottles nice and warm on Baby Day with the Insulate Baby Bottle Warmer. Designed with an adorable cow print, simply wrap the cover around the bottle, activate its warming gel with the BEND tab, and you’ll be all ready to feed the little one with a nice warm bottle.

Gum Me Teethers

There’s nothing worse for your little baby than when their teeth are coming in. Help soothe some of that discomfort with the Gum Me Teethers. These cute and colorful teethers come shaped like a bear, fish, or worm, so pick which one you like and let your baby get to teething.

Feed Me Baby Spoons

Make feeding time even more enjoyable with the addition of these Feed Me Baby Spoons. The friendly frog and happy duck will be your child’s new best pals as you use these animal-shaped spoons to feed them all that yummy baby food.

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