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Party Like It’s Cinco de Mayo

Put together the ultimate Cinco de Mayo party with all the festive trimmings, but did you know that Cinco de Mayo commemorates the 1862 victory of the Mexican army over France at the Battle of Puebla which was part of the Franco-Mexican War from 1861-1867.  Today, it has become a celebration of the diverse, exciting Mexican culture and heritage, particularly in areas that have larger populations of Mexican-Americans.  Check out your region for local parades, street fairs, and special events in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. and then complete with a fiesta all your own!

Take it From the Top


You can’t go wrong when you have lots of festive decor hanging from the ceiling, $13.19.  Shindigz is a great one-stop-shop  for all your party needs.  You can even add free personalization to a variety of products from invitations to candy tins to banners.  Ole!

A Mustache for Everyone


Get everyone into the mood with their own personal mustache from Archie McPhee, $9.50.  Nothing makes a margarita taste better than a little bit of peach fuzz on your upper lip. Yummy.

Hold the Beans, Here Comes the Taco Truck


Beep, beep. Fresh and ready to serve this adorable Taco Truck, set of two for $10.95, will do the trick indoors or out and drive you party to new levels. No one will be able to resist taking a spin around the table for “just one more.”

Get a Grip on the Occasion


Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to try and wrestle open some Mexican beers and the perfect way to open them is with the Luchador Bottle Opener  in one of three powerful styles; Leg Hold, Choke Hold, or Barrel Hold, $8.95. Nothing can be more satisfying than taking down that pesky beer and showing it who’s boss.

Perfect Pinatas

Party City Pinata

Who doesn’t want to take a crack at a pinata? Great fun for kids and kids-at-heart, this traditional party game is sure to get everyone going.  Find a variety of pinatas, accessories, and complete kits, including candy at Party City.  Come to think of it, maybe you better get a couple.

Memories to Laugh for a Fiesta Time


Pick and choose and add your own ideas to create a DIY Photo Booth from suggestions made by the folks at Oriental Trading Company.  Sombreros to cactus shot glasses to balloons, make your fiesta complete by commemorating your own battle over the chips and salsa with some fun and crazy photos that can be used as ammunition for years.

However you choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the most important thing is to have a great time in honor of our friends south of the border.


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