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Celebrate The Music On International Jazz Day

If you are a lover of Jazz, then on April 30th, grab your saxophone, put on a record and celebrate International Jazz Day. This annual event was created to foster awareness, interest, and to educate people all about the wonders of Jazz music. Participate in this day by attending a Jazz performance, listening to your favorite Jazz songs, or if you’re a musician, play some Jazz tunes. Show your love and appreciation for Jazz with these 5 musical products that’ll remind you of some of the traditional instruments and items that represent Jazz music.


django reinhardt

Django Reinhardt | Jazz Guitarist


The Guitar

Guitar Case Lunch Box |

If you’re an aspiring musician who just loves playing some jazz on your guitar like Django Reinhardt or Charlie Byrd, then the Guitar Case Lunch Box will really inspire you to get out there and play. Pack your delicious foods in this cool-looking case that resembles the ones that rock stars use and you’ll be ready to make some sweet Jazz tunes on International Jazz Day.



John Coltrane | Jazz Saxophonist


The Saxophone

What Jazz ensemble is complete without a Saxophone? The Spare Some Change Coin Dish is musically-inspired with a Jazz tone to it, so you can show how much you love the genre of music while also collecting some extra money to go out and buy even more Jazz music. Now that’s a tune you’ll enjoy.

thelonious monk

Thelonious Monk | Jazz Pianist

The Piano

Get the kids involved with International Jazz Day and teach them a thing or two about playing piano. The piano is another key instrument in the Jazz scene and the World’s Largest Piano Mat is a 6 foot wide plastic mat that will let you and your entire family get into the musical spirit by either playing just traditional piano or choosing from a variety of other tones like saxophone and guitar. So keep within the Jazz spirit and start playing.

Buddy Rich | Jazz Drummer

The Drums

Someone has to set the beat when that cool Jazz starts playing, and now you can practice your own great jams right at your desk with the Finger Drums. This drum kit may be small, but it provides you with all the key parts of any traditional drum set so you’ll have everything you need to get those fingers ready to make some sweet music.

blue note record


How are you going to enjoy all your favorite old-school Jazz records on International Jazz Day if they’re dirty? Imagine putting on one of the classics and finding it scratching and skipping notes because of some dust. The Spin Clean Record Washer System MKII 40th Anniversary Retro Unit will give you a vintage-quality way to clean your records, so you’ll never have to worry about your Jazz music missing a beat again.

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