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Zipper Day Doo Dah!

Who can imagine a world without zippers?  That would leave everything to buttons, snaps, and Velcro and, really, how much fun would that be? Think of all the great fun that may have been missed…mismatched jacket lengths, “barn door” references, lining getting caught and making it impossible to open whatever, and so much more.  Thank you, dear zipper, for always keeping us in check. Here are some wild and wacky zipper fun facts and goodies, so if you are a big zipper fan, join the national celebration on Zipper Day!

Zip Along With Your Cool Tunes


Get that headphone cord just right with these cool earbuds from ZipBuds.  At just $19.95, it’s a distinct and practical way to keep that ever-tangling cord in control, great for when you are enthralled in anything from running to shopping and can’t be bothered with that dang thing getting in the way and caught on everything.

Don’t Like Your Shoes? Zip On A New Top


So if you are the kind of person that likes to change their mind and is a shoe fanatic, Zipz shoes may just be the perfect answer.  Find the style you like, then mix and match the covers.  Imagine all the room you can save in your closet.  Room for more, uh, shoes! Priced from $34.95-74.95.

How About Crafty & Unique DIY Zipper Jewelry


If you have a bunch of zippers hanging around and don’t know what to do with them, how about creating some fabulous jewelry.  Necklaces, bracelets, and cuffs offer a new perspective on all things zipper at Fab Art DIY.

Zip Up Your Conversations Quickly



Kick things up on your phone a couple of notches with this unique zipper cell phone strap. And at $7.20, it’s the perfect gift for any sized phone or wrist! It’s the real deal, too, judging from the iconic YKK tab.

In Case You Have Always Thought Zippers Monstrous


Zippers have a reputation for eating things, so why not go ahead and make that exact statement with the Zipit Orange Monster Purse.. $8.00.  At about 8 inches square it is great fun for the kids to take to school or a way to get a double-take while walking through the workplace. Think of it as your own contribution to make the day a bit brighter.


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