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6 Ways To Transform Your Garden Or Backyard

Let’s close out National Decorating Month by heading outside and making that backyard of yours look like new. Especially with summer right around the corner, you’ll want to start spending some more time outdoors with your friends and family. Startup that barbecue or get the pool ready for swimming. Do some simple gardening by keeping your lawn mowed or planting pretty flowers. It won’t take a lot to make your yard look beautiful and these 6 ideas will help transform your yard into the wonderful oasis it was meant to be.

Incorporate Something Vintage

Start redecorating by hanging some interesting garden accessories and decorations across your yard. It’ll make the space look warm and inviting and also give it that extra touch of excitement when you and your guests spend time outside.

Vintage is a great and unique way to change the look of a space and the Anno Domini Garden Sundial is the perfect piece to add to your yard. This historical timekeeper can let you know what time it is every morning when the sun hits it, so you’ll not only get a cool way to tell time, but also an interesting piece of art for your backyard.

Make Your Garden A Fun Space

Your garden is the next part of your yard that you should look into sprucing up a bit. Remove all those overgrown weeds and plant some nice flowers that’ll be in full bloom by the time summer arrives. But when you have a great garden, you’ll need some decorations to take your garden from average to extraordinary. Garden gnomes are a great way to liven up your planting.


peeping gnome

The Peeping Gnome Solar Light will be a fun and playful addition. Let him gather energy throughout the day due to his solar powered design and then watch at night as his spyglass turns on and brings light to your plants and flowers in the darkness.

Light Up Your Yard In Style

Brighten up any yard by adding a little light to it. Whether you choose to hang lanterns, display table lamps, or upgrade that old porch light, you want your backyard to be ready to shine when the sun goes down.

LED String Lights |

Make a statement to your guests with the LED String Lights. These copper wire lights will give your yard an industrial feel while making it easy for you to string them over tree branches, fence posts, and porch railings. Choose from three different modes, flash, strobe or fade, and dazzle your guests with a light show that’ll really make your yard the center of attention.

Decorate With Some Nature-Inspired Sculptures

Sculptures will bring an artistic flair to your yard. Display them in a collection in your garden, line pathways with them, or designate a specific spot for a larger piece that will be the centerpiece of your redecorated yard. Nature-themed items will complement your outdoor space perfectly.

The Spiky Owl Sculpture will fit right in as he perches adorably in your yard amongst the trees, bushes, and flowers, with his hand painted feathers in an array of colors and cute little eyes watching your outdoor activities.

Add Some Lanterns Perfect For Partying

With your newly redecorated yard, you are going to want to start inviting more people over to show off what you’ve accomplished. Whether it’s an actual birthday, celebration of some kind, or just a friendly get-together, your space will look ready for some fun with the right lights.

The Soji White LED Solar Lanterns charge during the day with energy from the sun so they can light up your party all night long. Decorate your yard with these floating orbs and you’ll be sure to illuminate your evening in style.

Bring A Little Music To Your Outdoor Space

There is something so peaceful and beautiful about wind chimes. The way they hang and slowly drift in the breeze, making a delightful array of sounds and pleasant notes each time they move. Your yard will benefit greatly from these musically-decorative pieces.


The Santa Fe Colored Leaves & Driftwood Wind Chime is a wonderful way to bring some music to your outdoor space. The sun will filter through the glass leaves as they sway ever so slightly in the air from the attached driftwood base. Just sit back, relax, and let the soothing sounds of this wind chime wash over you as you enjoy your newly redecorated yard for National Decorating Month.



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