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Administrative Professional’s Day: Unique Gifts for the Office and Co-Workers

What better way to show appreciation for the one person who actually knows when you next meeting is, where you parked your car, and remind you of your spouse’s birthday that a special gift in honor of Administrative Professional’s (Secretary’s) Day, this April 27.  Let’s face it, without his or her constant awareness, more than once you would have walked into that board meeting with toilet paper on your shoe.  That, alone, is worth a really nice something-or-other.

Almost As Nice As Taking Them To Lunch



Show that you care with this delightful array of Sushi Erasers, $5.95

Well, we REALLY suggest you REALLY take them out for lunch, but this would make a great invitation, don’t you think? Sushi Erasers are almost like saying “domo arigato.”  that’s Japanese for “thank you.”

Something For Those Business Lunches

Dine Ink Pen Set

Perfect for lunch, the Dine Ink Utensil Set, $7.95

It happens to everyone, that pesky working lunch.  And trying to juggle all those implements can make things so much worse.  Forget about it! Mustard on the notepad.  Salad on the pen tip.  Help your Administrative jewel out with this charming set of combination utensils and pens with the Dine Ink Utensil Set.  Come to think of it, maybe you could use one yourself?

Give Them Something They Can Really Use

Fred Murder Ink Notepad

This gift kind of says it all.  “Yes, I know as your boss I can be a demanding jerk and at times you would like to kill me.” Let actions speak louder than words with this thoughtful gift, the Murder Ink Pad & Pen, that lets you admit you can be a total wiener.

Take Time To Say Thank You



If you can’t always let them go by 5:00pm, at least you can let them know you have thought about it.  M&CO Wall Clock, $100

Five o’clock is that magical time of day for most folks when the day becomes theirs to spend as they wish.  Unless, of course, you are an Administrator, in which case, you are probably still trying to get something signed.  As a boss, show them you do care about the time, even if you can’t manage to adhere to regular office hours.  The M&CO Wall Clock at least acknowledges you know it’s 5:00 twice a day…somewhere.

Keep The Fantasy Of Working In An Office Alive


Help make every day one filled with rainbows and sunshine.  Yeah, right.  This is a good start, though, Unicorn Paperclip Holder, $10.95

Knowing that it is every little person’s dream to grow up and make coffee, answer the phone, and pass out memos no one really wants to read is, honestly and truly, not anything anyone anywhere really planned on doing.  However, you, as a boss, can help to make their days brighter and more fun with this Unicorn Paperclip Holder.  Even in the office, everyone can use a little fantasy.

BUT SERIOUSLY, Administrators and Secretaries everywhere are indispensable pieces of the corporate and business cogs and without them, how much could you really get accomplished.  Treat them nicely, each and every day, but take this special day, Administrative Professional’s Day, April 27, to let them know how much you do appreciate their hard work and efforts.  Sometimes we are only as good as the people who are seated out at the front desk and, for that, they are definitely worth your heartfelt thanks and a bunch of great gifts.  And a nice lunch.  And a really big bonus.


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