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Ring Ring Ring: April 25 Is National Telephone Day!

Time to start calling everyone you know and telling them that April 25th is National Telephone Day! This holiday celebrates the history of the telephone dating all the back to its creation by Alexander Graham Bell and leading up till today with Smartphones. Throughout the centuries, the telephone has seen quite an evolution in style, from the corded phones of the past all the way to the wireless cell phones of the present. So take out that phone you have buried in your pocket and appreciate how much it means to you on National Telephone Day.

Petrol 746 Blue Phone

Take a step back to 1967 with the 746 Petrol Blue Phone. This vintage telephone will remind you of the phones of the past with a cord, push button dialing, and old-school mechanical bell ringer. Experience what it was like to use a phone like this thanks to this wonderful replica and bring a retro flair to your home.

iClassic Phone Alarm Clock & Lamp

From the phones of yesteryears to today, just look how far they have come. The iClassic Phone Alarm Clock & Lamp looks like a vintage phone but its old-school rotary dial is actually an alarm clock and the retro handset is really an LED lamp. How’s that for an ingenious way to redesign the classic phone?

iClassic Phone Docking Station Headset

Continue your trip down telephone memory lane with the iClassic Phone Docking Station Headset. This piece merges the look of an old-fashioned phone with the modern accessibility of the iPhone. Just place your iPhone in the docking station and watch as the phone lights up when your calls come in, and if you don’t feel like using your iPhone to talk, you can pick up the working headset and use an actual phone with a cord attached to it for a change.

Off The Hook Shower Head

Although it isn’t recommended to bring your phone into the shower with you for fear it’ll get wet and damaged, the Off The Hook Shower Head may be the only acceptable phone to grace your shower walls. This shower fixture looks like the retro handsets from those rotary phones you’ve probably never seen before, so now you can get nice and clean all thanks to this phone. Now that’s impressive.

Handstand Phone Stand

If you’re looking to keep your cell phone upright, then let the Handstand Phone Stand give you the support you need. This fun and functional accessory resembles the retro style of a pixelated cursor and will keep your phone from falling so you can talk or watch videos hands-free and without worry.

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