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5 Awesome Umbrellas for April Showers

Who doesn’t want to get out there and splash around in puddles and the rain once in a while, just for fun.  Well, even if you not so  inclined, enjoy your time in among the raindrops with fabulous fare to keep even the most intricate of hairstyles.  The old saying goes April showers bring May flowers (and some smarty pants is talking about pilgrims right about now), but what they really bring are cool ways to wend your way through the weather that will brighten everyone’s otherwise dreary day.

Give ‘Em a Little Color

april color spectrum

Who needs a rainbow when you have your own right at your fingertips with the beautiful Color Spectrum Folding Umbrella, $32.00.

When you’ve got the rainbow in your hand it can’t be long before the sun will come out and shine on your parade.  Keep spirits lifted and fancy head gear dry with this fanciful and fun Color Spectrum Folding Umbrella. You will be the envy of everyone and every fantasy creature around.

Just a Little Bit of Heaven

april sky

Find your own corner of the sky with this Sky Lite Umbrella, $30.00.

This great looking umbrella is actually the baby sibling to designer Tibor Kalman’s infamous Sky Umbrella he created for MoMA, meaning you can keep your head in the clouds while staying nice and dry with the Sky Lite version.  What better way to ward off the rain that with your own slice of the sky?

Here’s to a Hi-Ya Calling 

april samurai 1

Keep your Samurai Umbrella a secret until those raindrops come out to cause trouble and you can keep them at bay, $30.95.

Whip out this sword and your Samurai Umbrella will take on the rain like there’s no tomorrow.  There will be a tomorrow, but the rain probably doesn’t know that. You will always be prepared and always ready for action, at least when it comes to inclement weather.

For smaller storms, smaller people, or just because you want something smaller, try the Samurai Umbrella (Mini). Same great rain-fighting power with fewer calories needed to hold.


april samurai 2

Enter the Samurai Umbrella (Mini). Just as effective as the full-sized version, $24.95.

Don’t Let the Weather Confuse You

april this side up

When in doubt, simply follow the directions on your This Side Up Umbrella, $32.95.

Rainstorms can have a way of making things seem a bit topsy-turvey, but with your This Side Up Umbrella you can be sure to get it right.  Cleverly designed with large arrows pointing upward to ward against the rain that is coming down, you will be easily able to manage your to’s and fro’s assured of having all the coverage you need.

Damp Toes – Worry Not

april boot

If your shoes get wet and you are tired of squishing around the room, use the DryGuy Circulator Boot & Shoe Dryer and return to stealth mode, $30.95.

Even the best umbrella can do so much when trying to avoid those always unavoidable puddles…usually because they are right outside the driver’s side door. Fear not as the DryGuy Circulator Boot & Shoe Dryer will get those soaked shoes of yours nice and dry and ready for the next time you inadvertently step into 3-inches of water.

Ready for Anything

With a great umbrella, whether traditional, mini, or folding, you can have it all.  Well, you can almost have it all.  Well, you can have dry hair.  That’s a good start.

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