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Space Awaits! It’s The Anniversary Of The First Hubble Space Telescope Launch

On this day, April 24th 1990, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope was sent into orbit for the first time. This incredible astronomical marvel sits in space, observing the universe and all its galaxies, planets, and stars. Scientists have used this amazing piece of equipment to further our knowledge of the universe and discover all new things from the numerous studies conducted, data collected, and photographs taken. In honor of the Hubble Space Telescope’s launch, bring out the astronaut in you with these 5 products that’ll remind you of just how much there is to love about outer space!


Since you don’t have a Hubble Space Telescope of your own in your backyard to look at the stars with, then turn to the Stellarscope instead. This Hand-Held Star Finder is a small and easy to use beginner’s guide to locating constellations and stars. Just set the time and date and use the different adapters to change the latitude and hemisphere and get ready to view the star map.

Galaxy Projector Dome

Bring space right into your home thanks to the Galaxy Projector Dome. Activate the LED projector by placing it in water and turn any room in your house into a planetarium. All that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy the incredible display of the spiral galaxy on your ceiling and you’ll feel just like an astronaut.

Kinetic Mobile Asteroid

Kinetic Mobile Asteroid |

Your desk will look like it’s ready for orbit with the Kinetic Mobile Asteroid. This revolving piece of art is decorated in multiple brightly-colored metallic balls that look like asteroids rotating back and forth. How cool is that?

Space Rocket Cookie Cutters

Get the kids interested in this memorable day in history by doing some baking. The Space Rocket Cookie Cutters come with everything you’ll need to create your very own 3D scene. Pick from the 4 cookie cutters and once you’re done baking, start assembling your rocket ship and prepare to blast off with these delicious desserts right there in your kitchen.

Moon Light

What better way to celebrate space than by adding the Moon to your decorating collection? The Moon Light will bring the glow of Earth’s satellite into your home. Use it as a traditional night light and hang it from the ceiling or let it float across water for an even cooler way to enjoy this lamp.

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