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6 Ways To Throw The Perfect Picnic

Grab that comfy blanket, the picnic basket filled with goodies, a nice bottle of wine for the adults present, and pick a cool and shady spot to have your picnic for National Picnic Day. On April 23rd, gather your friends and family and have a lovely morning at the park filled with fun and laughter. Take advantage of this day and take your loved one or date on a picnic filled with cheese and wine and enjoy a romantic afternoon in the sunshine or an evening meal in the moonlight. April is such a perfect month for a picnic, so in honor of this special day, here are 6 ideas for how to throw the perfect picnic.


Set The Table

Okay so maybe it isn’t an actual table, but what picnic is truly a picnic without a blanket to sit and eat on? The Speaker Blanket will be a blanket and so much more thanks to the special addition of speakers built in that can be hooked up to your MP3 player or other musical devices. So when you’re ready to start your snacking, crank those tunes and let the dancing commence.

Get Those Drinks Ready

You’ll probably need something to drink during all that eating on National Picnic Day, so what better picnic accessory to bring than the Thirzt2Go Collapsible Beverage Dispenser? This lightweight and portable drink container will be a perfect way to carry your Lemonades, Water, Fruit Punch, Sodas, and more! Just bring the cups and use the spout to pour your refreshing and thirst-quenching beverages.

Keep Those Sandwiches Fresh

PackIt Personal Cooler / Lunch Bag

Whether you are going solo for a picnic or bringing the whole family, you’ll want to make sure you keep all your perishables nice and cold so that they’ll be at the right temperature when you begin your celebrating. The Packit Personal Cooler Lunch Bag is big enough to store all your favorites and can easily collapse so you can compactly store it anywhere. It’ll keep your foods chilled for up to 10 hours, so no need to worry about ending your celebrating early because this lunch tote has got your food covered.

Stock Up On Snacks

Besides your main picnic meal, you’ll need some snacks of course. Egg salad, potato chips, pretzels, dressings, condiments, and more will all look absolutely tasty in these Happy Jackson Snack Boxes. Each of the four containers are conveniently labeled with a fun saying so you won’t confuse which is which ever again.

Take Some Alcoholic Beverages To-Go

For the grown-ups participating in National Picnic Day, you may want something a bit more adult to drink other than fruit punch and lemonade. Take your wine with you to the picnic now thanks to the Vino2Go Insulated Wine Tumbler. This portable wine carrier has a double wall insulator so your wine will stay nice and chilled during your afternoon outing, so fill up your favorite vino and get ready to enjoy.

Set The Mood For A Picnic Date

Enthusiast - Plastic Wine Preservation Carafe |

If you and your special someone decide to spend National Picnic Day together, set the mood with a nice sip of wine from the Enthusiast-Plastic Wine Preservation Carafe. This sleek looking drinking container will make a stylish statement at your picnic, so buy yourself two so you both can share in a wonderful toast to end National Picnic Day together.

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