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Decorating Ideas and Tips For Livening Up Your Living Room

In the spirit of National Decorating Month, the third room on our list to get a refreshing look and new design is the living room. The living room is a lot of times the first room your guests see when they enter your home and you want it looking perfect. You spend a lot of time gathered in this room either socializing, watching television, or getting some work done. For the month of April, redecorate a little with these 6 easy to follow ideas that’ll have that living room looking fabulous again in no time.

Add A Fun Lamp

Every room needs a little light, and changing out those old lamps that have seen better days will be a perfect first start to your living room redecorating. Choose from table lamps, standing lamps, or even hanging lamps to give your room a new look.

The Owl Lamp will be an adorable addition to your living room décor. Just let this little guy perch on your coffee table or end table and watch at night as he glows. Your room will look so welcoming and wonderful with this new lamp lighting up your home.

Hang Some Picture Frames

Nothing can make a living room feel more warm and inviting than pictures of you and your family decorating the space. Buy some new frames this month and display all your favorite memories for everyone to enjoy.

If you’ve got boxes and boxes filled with photos throughout the years just sitting in some closet or cabinet, then the Gridart Photo Display will be a great way to give those pictures some life again. This sixteen-photo picture frame provides you with the chance show off all those photos from that trip you went on or that special event you attended. Otherwise, get creative and make a fun collage of different memories.

Give Your Books A New Home

If you’re a reader, then you know your home is probably overrun with books everywhere. Don’t let your guests walk in to find tables just piled high with your latest collection of novels. Bookshelves will not only give your books a new place to call home, but they’ll make your living room look distinguished and organized. Who doesn’t love walking into a home and seeing a wonderful array of books just waiting to be read?

Give the illusion that your books are floating in the air with The Large Conceal Book Shelf which is a unique way to get your books off the tables and up on the wall without requiring the massive amount of space of a conventional bookcase.

Get A Little Artistic

If you just bought that brand new table and are afraid someone is going to place a glass on it and leave either a stain or scratch, then you will want to incorporate some coasters into your redecorating. But don’t just settle on boring old coasters that’ll look like you barely put in any effort and just bought whatever you could find.

Take this opportunity to make your coasters look like they were meant to match your décor. The CMYK Coasters Set comes with 4 different colors that all appear as separate images but when placed together reveal a famous art painting that’ll delight both you and your guests when they are ready to enjoy a drink.

Introduce A New Timepiece

Of course no living room can be complete without some way to know what time it is. Clocks are always a fun way to change up the look and feel of a room since there are so many different styles, varieties, and types to choose from.

If you like more traditional and sophisticated, try a grandfather clock for your living room. But if you want something a bit more modern and eye-catching, then the Shadow Wall Clock will be the perfect fit. This wooden timekeeper appears to be a normal clock, but its 3D numbers make it look abstract from each angle you view it.

Make Some Flowers Shine

You can’t finish your decorating without adding that final touch that’ll really bring the entire room together. Flowers will provide a natural beauty to any space and just brighten up your room.

The Cherry Blossom Lights with 3 Branches not only give your home that floral look you desire, but also have little light bulbs hidden within the petals of these precious flowers, so you’ll have an illuminated plant to light up your living room.

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