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Do Some Laundry On The Anniversary Of The First U.S. Laundromat

As you stand there doing your laundry, have you ever asked yourself when the first public laundromat opened? It may not seem like something that crosses your mind very often, but April 18th marks the anniversary of the United States’ first ever laundromat which opened in Fort Worth Texas in 1934. So in honor of this day, add these 5 products to your laundry accessories and let’s do some laundry to celebrate!

Washing Machine Hamper

No, it’s not an actual washing machine that you’ve decided to install in your bedroom, but you can still get the look of one with the Washing Machine Hamper. Throw all your filthy shirts, pants, and other clothing items into this hamper that’ll always serve as a reminder of the upcoming trip to the laundry room or laundromat you’ll need to take to get everything nice and clean.

Toxic Laundry

For those times when you’ve let your garments go rancid, the Toxic Laundry is a humorous way to let everyone know just how disgusting your clothing has become. No one will ever bother your stuff if they see it in this collapsible hamper that serves as a warning to anyone who dares stick hand or nose inside your stinky laundry again.

Money Laundering Bag

That’s one expensive load of laundry! With the Money Laundering Bag, give your dirty clothes a rich way to be carried in this bag covered in stacks of cash.

Punch Bag Laundry

Those dirty clothes won’t stand a chance once they meet the Punch Bag Laundry. Knock out that smell like a true boxing champ with this fun way to store and transport your stinky clothes either from your bedroom to the laundry room or from your home to the laundromat.

T-Shirt Folder

After spending all that time washing and drying your clothes, the daunting process of folding them awaits. This discouraging task will seem easy and almost fun thanks to the T-Shirt Folder which makes it simple and fast to neatly fold all your clothes in just seconds, so there’s no more excuses to have wrinkles or messy piles of clothes again.

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