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National Decorating Month: 5 Fun Additions For Your Kitchen

Let’s continue April’s National Decorating Month with the second part in our series of home decorating tips and ideas. The next on the list of rooms to give a makeover to is the kitchen. The kitchen can be called the heart of any home because it’s where the cooking happens that brings the entire family together. If your kitchen has begun to appear stale though, you’ll love adding these simple touches to it in order to give it just that little extra something to make it look so much better.

Chalkboard Wall Clock- Cup Of Tea

Every kitchen needs a clock. It’ll come in handy for not only telling you the time but also for your baking and cooking so you’ll never burn or overcook anything again. But why have just a plain old boring clock hanging there on your wall when you can have something that is both decorative and functional? With the Chalkboard Wall Clock Cup of Tea, you’ll be getting a comforting token to display in your kitchen that’ll give you the time and a surface to write reminder notes on.

Satellite Bowl Small

No one wants to walk into their kitchen and find fruit just scattered all over their counter or still sitting in the bag you brought it home from the store in. With something as simple as the Satellite Bowl Small, you can give you kitchen that contemporary upgrade it needs. This modern take on the classic fruit bowl will allow you to display all your fruits and veggies within the lacquered wooden spokes of this stylish, sleek, and eye-catching countertop addition.

EZ Grip 4 Piece Ceramic Airtight Canister Set

Now what are you going to do with all those boxes of cereal, bags of flour, and containers of random snacks just cluttering up your counter space and leaving you little room to do any food preparation? Take advantage of this decorating month and start finding a more organized way to remove those messy-looking eyesores. For a more polished and sophisticated feel, turn to the EZ Grip 4 Piece Ceramic Airtight Canister Set. These containers have a hinged lid, chrome clamps and silicone gaskets to seal in freshness, and even a holder for your stainless steel scooping spoon.

Buddy Paper Towel Holder

Taking something as simple as your paper towel holder and changing it out can make all the difference. Think about it, how many times a day do you go to grab a paper towel to clean up with or dry your hands? Rather than keeping that same traditional one you’ve had forever, add a little humor to your kitchen and upgrade your paper towel roller with something a bit more fun and amusing. The Buddy Paper Towel Holder will do just the trick. This sturdy piece will securely hold your paper towels and help give you the leverage you need for one-handed tearing, so you’ll never have to worry about the roll skidding across the counter again.

Mugtails Collection

Moose Mugtail

Bear Mugtail

Squirrel Mugtail 

Hedgehog Mugtail 

Fox Mugtail 

Finally, adding some precious collectibles to a kitchen can really decorate it and make it feel more friendly and welcoming. Whether it’s a piece that was passed down through your family or something you just bought, those personal touches are what will really bring your kitchen together. With this collection of Mugtails, you have the option of either using them as actual glasses to drink out of, or you can choose to just collect all five of them and display them nicely on your shelf or kitchen cabinet. Pick from the Moose, Bear, Squirrel, Fox, or Hedgehog, and these will be the perfect final pieces to your kitchen decorating.

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