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International Guitar Month: Better Than Playing Air

Perhaps all that hard work conquering Juke Box Hero has not be for, uh, naught, and maybe it is time to show your love of the guitar in a more tangible manner than pure air. Use International Guitar Month as an excuse to get some cool, guitar-themed stuff on which you can also play air guitar with great aplomb.

Start the Day on the Right Chord


Tell all your friends your rockin’ an amazing set of guitars.  Nevermind, it’s just a Guitar Magnet Set. Smaller guitars make it easier to hit the high notes, $10.95

What better way to start the day than seeing guitars on your refrigerator while your mind wanders aimlessly as you try to decide what to eat for breakfast.  This Guitar Magnet Set will help you through all those other times you are not sure what you are doing, as well.  Great for holding notes, photos, even shopping lists for all the things you should have gotten yesterday when you were out, but forgot.

Flip Your Lid, Then Flip Your Burger


Let your steaks get their groove on with the BBQ Guitar Spatula, $19.95.

Keep your mullet away from the flames, but let your steaks, burgers, and hot dogs feel the heat just long enough to make them juicy and delicious.  Take total control of any given cooking stage, rare, medium rare, medium, done, or, well you get the idea with the BBQ Guitar Spatula.

Shred Your Veggies With Perfection


Make is as raw as you like with the Guitar Cutting Board, $31.95.

No matter how you slice it, on a Guitar Cutting Board the goods are just simply going to taste better.  No one will be throwing any tomatoes your way, unless it is to get them ready for the burgers or salad, the key to a perfect meal.

A Little After Dinner Music


The Acapulco Ukulele is the ideal way to celebrate International Guitar Day in a light and breezy manner, $34.95.

Don’t go calling this a mini-guitar around any aficionados, they’ll quickly correct with its proper big name of ukulele guitar.  Still, if you want to keep the mood light, try this Acapulco Ukulele.  The colors are almost as sunny as the music you will produce.

Get Your Whole Act Together


Be the coolest kid (or adult) on the block when you rock around the clock at noon with this Guitar Case Lunch Box, $19.95.

Wrap up all those great leftovers and take them to school or work with the Guitar Case Lunch Box. You’ll be sure to get a standing ovation when everyone else sees this amazing case which is so impressive, it doesn’t even need to have an instrument inside to make you a lunchroom star.

Whether lead, rhythm, bass, or air, celebrate International Guitar Month this April your country, classical, or rock ‘n’ roll way.

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