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Awesome Gifts for Scrabble Lovers

Clear that coffee table, dust off that board game, gather round with your friends and family and start thinking of those big words that earn extra points, and get ready for some Scrabble! In honor of National Scrabble Day on April 13th, here are five desginer gifts that any Scrabble enthusiast will love.

Scrabble Tile Mug

Take a nice warm sip from your coffee on the morning of National Scrabble Day with the Scrabble Tile Mug. This ceramic cup is covered in those recognizable letter squares and will get you pumped and ready for a day filled with some Scrabble game fun!

Vintage Scrabble Garland Set

Decorate your home for National Scrabble Day with the Vintage Scrabble Garland Set. Use the included red garland string to attach whichever letters you wish to spell out on this word-filled day and hang it in your living room, den, entry way, or even over your front door, so your neighbors and guests will know exactly which holiday you are celebrating today.

Scrabble Tile Fridge Magnets

If you just can’t get enough of the actual board game, then take the challenge to the refrigerator and set up your exciting, magnetic game of Scrabble with the Scrabble Tile Fridge Magnets. You’ll get 100 little squares and 12 worDecore magnets to start your next match with, so let the words start flowing right there in your kitchen.

Scrabble Coaster

What better addition to your Scrabble-themed party than something to put all your drinks on? The Scrabble Coasters are the perfect accessory to add some wordy fun to your table. Not only will they protect your surfaces from stains, but you and your guests’ glasses will look super cool set atop one of these little letter coasters.

Vintage Scrabble Wooden Stamp Set

Now’s your chance to put your “stamp” on this Scrabble day. With the Vintage Scrabble Wooden Stamp Set, you can decorate, design, and add some Scrabble-flavor to your scrapbooks, greeting cards, envelopes, and more. Let the letter stamping begin!

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