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It’s Stress Awareness Month: 5 Tips to Take the Stress Out of…Stress!

It’s Stress Awareness Month, but don’t get all worked up about it because you a) didn’t know, b) aren’t sure for what day you should organize the Stress Month potluck for your co-workers, or c) haven’t got a thing to wear for it.  If you find yourself all bunched up on occasion like a rubber band ball, here are some tips to help you release the throttle a bit and coast for an easy moment or two.

1. How About a Free Book on Stress-Relief?


Take a big breath, settle into your favorite chair with a nice cup of tea, and settle down with your tablet, Kindle, iPad, or e-reader for this free book, 4 Books on Street That Can Transform Your Life.  Dr. Morton C. Orman, M.D., Founder and Director of the Health Resource Network, has written this book to help you find ways to reduce your stress, gain control over negative emotions, strengthen your relationships, and dump any kind of stress that impacts you living your life every day.  Ahhhh.

2. How About a Ten-in-One Set of Relaxation Techniques?



From simple meditation and deep breathing to laughing out loud and going to a walk, these 10 easy ways to put the brakes on stress from WebMD will leave you feeling better, more relaxed, and, perhaps most importantly, in control of your world.

3. Pet Your Pet for Instant Stress Relief


Pets have long been appreciated for their unconditional love and ability to bring peace of mind.  Even better news is that now it has been medically shown to have positive effects.  Pets can not only help to reduce your blood pressure,  they have been shown to help people improve their nutritional habits and see improvement in their relationships.  If you don’t have your own pet, consider pitching in at an animal rescue or shelter.  It will be good for you and for them.

4. Be a Kid Again and Try Out a Coloring Book


Take a break and color away your stress.  Coloring has been found to be a great stress reliever as it can put you into a serene state that sparks your imagination and has the added benefits of improving your creativity and your concentration.  According to experts, the act of coloring relaxes the part of your brain that evokes fear, giving your mind the much needed opportunity to rest.


5. Who Knew There Were 10 Reasons to Hug?


Hugging has huge benefits when it comes to stress relief.  Hugs can instantly be mood elevators, boost your self esteem, and, believe it or not, the act of hugging can release tension in the muscles.  Whoo-hoo!  Sounds like as good a reason as any to hug those you know and love for everybody’s health. Check out all ten reasons at mindbodygreen.

Simple things like having a soothing cup of tea, smelling fresh flowers, or even catching a quick are all ways that work well, too.  And did we mention kissing? Kissing produces a chemical reaction that actually eases hormones related to stress.

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