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I Toad You It Was A Special Month! April Is National Frog Month

Frog lovers rejoice.  Or ribbit.  Or both! April is National Frog Month and what better way than with all things frog? Here are some fun things to get you all hopped up and ready to get going and tell the world you love frogs!

Spring Cleaning the Froggy Way

frog mop

Who knew your mop could look so good with the Pop Mop Wiper Frog, $5.95.

Spring has sprung and a frog mop cover is the perfect way to bring that cheerful froggy spirit into you home and every corner and crevice of your home.  You simply can’t go wrong with the Pop Mop Wiper Frog  with it little green fibers that attract dust and grime and loves to soak up spills.  The best part, this is one frog that is machine washable and ready for action when needed.

Spring Into Action With Some Caffeine

frog mug

Feel like you are in your own personal swamp with the Toby the Toad Frog Coffee Mug, $8.93.

Words just can begin to describe how adorable this little guy is and what a wonderful way to start the perfect day. The Toby the Toad Frog Coffee Mug (apparently he has a bit of an identity crisis, but nevermind, he’s so cute we don’t care), is a great way to sit back and slug down some homemade mud and know everything’s going to be zippadeedoodah.

Get Baby Into the Frog Thing, Too

frog spoon

With the Feed Me Baby Spoon just load up his tongue and he’s ready for just about anything baby can throw at him, $9.95.

What could make a baby want to eat more than a friendly frog sticking out its tongue covered with baby food.  With Feed Me Baby Spoons, you get the best of all world’s, a frog who is happy to help feed the baby and a baby who is happy to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a frog.  Yummy.

The Sound of Nature at its Finest

frog percussion

Put a little rhythm in your life with the percussion instrument of choice for amphibians everywhere, the Wood Frog Guiro Rasp, $7.95.

Even if you aren’t a musician, now you can entertain your friends after dinner with the Wood Frog Guiro Rasp. All it takes is…well not  much really if you just want to make some noise.  Just pick it up and  be amazed as you keep all your company from talking, especially the people you don’t want to listen to.  It’s not just an instrument, its a way to drown out the conversation.

End National Frog Month on a High Note

frog mold

Harry Potter doesn’t have the exclusive on these any more.  Make your own with the 2-7/8″ Frog Chocolate Mold, $7.44.

End your festive merry making every day during National Frog Month with the perfect reminder, chocolate frogs.  Not only are they adorable, they are delicious and you can make your own using the 2-7/8″ Frog Chocolate Mold.  In fact, this mold is so incredibly versatile, you can also make  frog soap, frog butter pats,  and frog cream cheese and pate bites.  No pond is too big or small for all the frog things you can create in celebration!


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