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National Decorating Month: 5 Ideas To Revitalize Your Bathroom

April is officially National Decorating Month and you’re invited to celebrate by doing some redecorating of your own. For the next four weeks, get those ideas flowing for how you can change your home’s overall décor with some simple products and easy to follow tips. First up on the list this month is the bathroom, check out these 5 tips to freshen and revitalize your bathroom.

Swap Out Your Shower Curtain

First on your list for how to fix up that bathroom is to throw away that moldy old shower curtain that’s been sitting there for way too many months. A fresh shower curtain will not only give your bathroom a new look, but it’ll give you the chance to try out something different and make your shower/bathtub sparkle. Keeping with this theme of elegance in the bathroom, the Chandelier Shower Curtain is a perfect addition. This fabric curtain is both eye catching and opulent and is just the thing your bathroom needs.



Add Some Romantic Lighting

Clear Bubble String Lights

National Decorating Month is your perfect excuse for upgrading your bathroom’s lighting with something a little brighter and more sparkly. Change out those dusty light fixtures for the Iridescent Clear Bubble Balls and you’ll have a magical string of shimmering lights that’ll illuminate your bathroom with a tinge of rainbow hues. Those boring florescent lights just can’t compete with how beautiful these glimmering little balls of light will look strung across your bathroom.


Don’t Be Afraid To Shine

gold buddha soap dish

Turn your attention to your bathroom counters now and add some sparkle with metallic items. Bring some shine with copper, silver and gold accessories like soap pumps, tissue boxes, jars and vases. We think the Gold Buddha Soap Dish is the perfect little accessory that’ll accentuate the overall décor change you’re making in your bathroom. Perfect as more than just a soap dish, this peaceful little guy will draw the attention of anyone who sees him. And if you’re going for that spa feel as inspiration for your redecorating, what better piece than this figure who epitomizes serenity and tranquility?


Organize Your Sink and Countertops

If you have way too much jewelry or knick-knacks laying all over your bathroom counter, you’ll want to add something to your bathroom that will organize and look chic. The Pierce Chandelier Accessory Stand is a wonderful option for organizing. Hang your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets off the steel arms and store your rings and smaller items in the base. It also makes a great addition to your countertop for guests to hang their small personal belongings.


Clear The Clutter

Create a more relaxed space and double your space by clearing clutter in the bathroom. Use mounted wall hooks or racks to hang extra towels or robes. We especially love over-the-door hooks  for this job, as they are easy to install and require no tools or assembly. A great piece just in time for spring, the Birds Eye 10 Hook Over The Door Rack is a steel organizer that features some delightful little birdies just waiting to hold onto any of your robes or towels. They’ll bring a springtime feel to your bathroom while keeping all your clothing items off the floor.

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