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Bring The Zoo Home With You On National Zoo Lover’s Day

April 8th has been designated National Zoo Lover’s Day, and if you loved going to the zoo as a child and even still visiting today, then you’re going to want to get ready for some exciting fun on this wildlife-filled day. National Zoo Lover’s Day invites you to take a trip to your local zoo and see all the amazingly incredible animals such as tigers, lions, polar bears, penguins, and zebras. Celebrate this zoo appreciation day with these 5 products that’ll remind you of just some of the many animals you loved seeing during your zoo expeditions.

Safari 3D Cookie Cutters

Start National Zoo Lover’s Day off with some delicious baking that you and your kids will enjoy. With the Safari Cookie Cutters, you can build four of those classic zoo residents, the Elephant, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, and Lion, all right there in your kitchen. These 3D cookies are perfect for creating whatever zoo-related scenes you like and once the playing with your food moments are completed, it’s time to dig in and eat.

Penguin Money Bank

Who doesn’t love the penguins at the zoo? They’re lovable, cuddly, fluffy, and just adorable to look at. Represent how much you love these precious little birds with the Penguin Money Bank. Keep all your money safe and secure inside this adorable bank that’ll remind you of your favorite arctic creature each time you drop a coin inside.

Zoola Giraffe Ring Holder

You know your zoo visit just isn’t complete until you stop by the area for the tallest mammal on the planet. With its unusually long neck and classic spots, you can’t help but marvel at the majesty of this beautiful creature. Well, now your jewelry will have the chance to experience this long-legged animal for itself thanks to the Zoola Giraffe Ring Holder. Made of cast-metal with a sparkling chrome finish, let all your rings rest nicely on this giraffe’s neck and you’ll never worry about losing a ring again.

Bear Wall Hook

The zoo just doesn’t quite feel like the zoo without bears. As a kid, there was something about seeing these magnificent creatures roaming across the landscapes of their enclosures. Whether it was the classic Grizzly Bear, Brown Bear, Panda Bear, or even Polar Bear, these wild animals have captivated our attention for years. Bring the bear home with you in the form of the Bear Wall Hook that can be either mounted on your wall or stationed on your desk to help you organize your mail, keys, and any other accessories.

Paper Monkey

Finish off your zoo travels by visiting the monkeys. From gorillas to lemurs, and chimpanzees to baboons, watch as they hop from branch to branch and swing from one tree to the next with such grace and elegance. With the Paper Monkey, you have the chance to decorate your own creation thanks to its design which allows you to draw, paint, color, and mark up this little guy however you like. And as an extra surprise, you can actually mail this monkey by simply adding a stamp, dropping him in the mailbox and away he goes.

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