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Get Your Drinks and Brews Ready For National Beer Day

National Beer Day 2

No matter what your brand is, April 7th is National Beer Day, and everyone who is of legal drinking age is invited to pull up a chair, grab a glass, and celebrate this day devoted entirely to this alcoholic beverage. Partake in the festivities by going to your local bar or pub, throwing a party with all your friends, or just sitting back at home and relaxing with a glass of your favorite brew and toast to this beer-filled day.

Beer Tasting Set

If you’re throwing a party for National Beer Day, then the Beer Tasting Set will be quite the centerpiece at your festivities. This set comes with 6 tasting glasses with matching coasters, and a guide that’ll teach you everything you need to know about what foods to pair with, serving temperatures, and tips for improved tasting. Get those glasses pouring and happy tasting!

Australian Frosted Beer Glass

Keep your beer nice and cold as you continue your celebrating with the Australian Frosted Beer Glass. Thanks to its insulated design, you can keep taking a refreshing sip of your chilled beer throughout your evening.

Bullet Beer Glass

Bullet Beer Glass |

The Bullet Beer Glass will give an entirely new meaning to the shot glass. A perfect gift for the man in your life, this bullet-shaped drinking vessel has a double wall so your beer will stay cold.

Mason Jar Beer Stein

Mason Jar Beer Stein |

This is one mason jar you won’t be saving preserves, jams, or fruits in. The Mason Jar Beer Stein is a ½ gallon glass large enough to handle any of your drinks, with a sturdy handle for holding, and markings for both liters and pints along the sides.


This will be one cool way to store your beers. The BottleLoft gives you magnetic strips that stick to the roof of your refrigerator and securely hold any beers you attach to it. Now when you tell your friends to grab a beer, they’ll be shocked to find their bottles floating in the air.

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