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Get Plaidstered During Tartan Week

If you have a wee bit of the Scottish in your ancestry, and even not, you should do all you can to support Tartan Week.  From North to South, East to West, celebrations abound including festivals and parades where you can get your tartan on.  But, if you don’t have the good fortune to be in proximity to join in the festivities, perhaps you can create your own with these fun nods to all things plaid.

Flash ‘Em When They Least Expect It


If you’ve got the gams, these are the kilt flashes that will make everyone’s head turn, $25.95

Keep your socks up and get everyone looking at your legs at the same time with these traditional kilt flashes.  Equally rugged and sexy, take on the mystique of a Scotsman when you parade around wearing these.

Have Your Shot and Brewski, Too


The best ever two-for-one deal are the Shot in the Pint Drinking Glasses, $20.95

If you’re not big into having glasses to wash, the Shot in the Pint Drinking Glasses, are the answer to that problem.  Conveniently designed so you can offer up a shot  of the finest Scottish whiskey and a quick beer back as easily as flipping over the glass, it saves people mixing up multiple beverage conveyances when their attention is best focused on darts.  And where the dart board is.

Elevate Beer Pong to New Heights

If you can’t make it to the Scottish Games or even to your local Scottish Pub, these Bar Game Beer Mats will help you to create a do-it-yourself championship like no other.  Keep the beer flowing and your guests entertained while you celebrate the tartan.

You’ll Need a Prize for the Winner


Bring out the competitor in one and all with this loving cup of a Trophy Shot Glass on the line, $10.95.

Keep the perfect prize on right on the bar with the Trophy Shot Glass. When they get their eyes on this prize everyone will be vying to win the loving cup, especially if its filled with the finest of Scotch Whiskey. Yum.

Make Them Grovel Before You

tolkien laird

Get a wee bit of your own Scottish estate with the ever-so-charming Become A Laird or Lady Gift Box, $29.95

Keep the minions in control as you rule the roost by prominently displaying the certificate of ownership from your Become A Laird or Lady Gift Box. Impress your friends with a royal announcement during your Tartan celebratory event. Perhaps it will work.  Perhaps not. Doesn’t matter, because you will still be titled and they won’t.

Here’s Your Final Chance to Top it Off


Give Tartan Week a nod with a Plaid Eight Quarter Cap, $79.25

The perfect finish to any Tartan Week celebration is a top of the old duffer’s cap made from the traditional tartan of your choice. The Plaid Eight Quarter Cap is sure to be the envy of all you meet on the greens, too, well after the warmth of the celebration has gone.

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