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Time To Get Technological For National Robotics Week

robot dancing gifIf you love everything robots, then you’re going to really enjoy the week of April 2nd to the 10th. National Robotics Week invites people (and robots) of all ages to join in the celebration of robotic technology by spreading awareness and educating students who may be interested in this subject. These 5 products will get your gears turning and circuits going just in time for this electronic-filled week where robots rule!

Robot Tea Infuser

How about a nice relaxing cup of some robotic tea? Participate in this special Robotics Week when you brew some tea with the Robot Tea Infuser. Just put any tea you like inside this little guy, attach him to the sides of your cup with the adjustable arms, dip him in the water, and let the tea-drinking commence!

Robot Bicycle Light

Let the robots light your way during your biking excursions thanks to the Robot Bicycle Light. A perfect way to get your kids involved for National Robotics Week, just attach him to their handlebars and let the peddling begin as this robotic buddy provides a fun way to make bike riding safer at night.

ChillBots Robot Ice Tray


Cool off your drinks in robotic style with the ChillBots Robot Ice Tray. These ice trays will let you make 4 frozen robots and 4 matching robo-cranks that’ll be perfect additions to your celebrating during this week all about robots.

Bot-L Robot Sports Bottle

Maybe in the future robots will be bringing our water to us, but for now, you can still have a robot with you when you drink thanks to the Bot-L Robot Sports Bottle. This fun tech friend will hold all your drinks when you’re on the go or when you’re thirsty during that big game.

Clockbot 3D Clock

What better friend to tell you the time than the Clockbot 3D Clock. This robotic keeper of time can sit on your shelf or hang on your wall, providing you with the time, anytime.

One comment on “Time To Get Technological For National Robotics Week

  1. SimpleTechLife
    April 6, 2016

    Very cool post!


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